Sci-Fi 3 Body Problem

The exact extent of this renewal seems unclear. D&D confirm it's through to the show's conclusion, but it's not stated how long that will take. A season? A handful of episodes?

Still slowly making my way through the show, I've only watched the first two episodes so far. The show hasn't hooked me yet, and I don't care at all about the VR plotline, but the reveal at the end of episode 2 was the first interesting thing to happen so far. I'm sticking with it until episode five as that's the one the showrunners have hyped.
With Netflix this could mean anything , 2 more seasons could just be 6 episodes broken up into 3 episoes per season.
Good to know this will get a proper conclusion. I finished the first season and while it's not great, it's a solid sci-fi series which is something I've been missing since The Expanse ended. It also helps that it's much better than the final seasons of Game of Thrones.
halfway into the show loving it so far
just finished it wow I LOVED the bit with the Judgement Day ship in the Panama Canal if you know, you know ;) .
Never read the books. Finished the season. It was OK, but a bit to slow. I'm not hooked

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