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40 worst of Rob Liefeld


I laughed..I laughed so hard I might have 'gasmed o_O That is some serious funny there...
Still amazes me that there are fans of the guy. The way he draws feet alone is a federal offense.

Am still reading through it, but I'm hoping to see the classic Cable "Damn, I lost my elbow again" X-Force cover.
Oh God, I laughed so hard. If there's one thing that can brighten my mood, it's a Rob Liefeld critique. :up:
I could only make it to 38 before I had to stop because I couldn't stifle my laughing enough. I'm gonna get fired if I keep looking at that.
I was looking at it this morning while I was on the crapper. My girlfriend wanted to know what I was doing in there. :)
Did you tell her you were looking at the funniest clown porn you'd ever seen?
I didn't tell her that, but I did make up a lie. I didn't feel like explaining who Rob Liefeld is at 7:45AM. I think I told her I read a funny email or something.
Aw, you should've gone with the clown porn. Missed opportunity, man.
Funny stuff. I especially like this phrase:
"I understand that you have to create the illusion of movement but I think what is more important is the illusion of me not hating you."
"...superpowers which include making me too apathetic to finish this sentence with a joke."
I've made it through a page now. I keep cracking up but I can't stop going back.
It actually made me late for work this morning. I got up a few minutes early to make up for the snow and ice, but I ended up wasting it laughing at Liefeld.
Read this a while ago. Went from funny to mild chuckling after the first ten though. Got a little repetitive near the end.
Funny article. But I would have put Captain America and his boobs on the list.

And who could forget Cable's non-elbow?
This provided me with a good laugh at work, thanks :D
Finally got through the whole thing today, since my boss was out of the office. ****ing hilarious from start to finish. :D
Amusing, albeit a little redundant in spots. He has good eyes though. His most glarely omission was the "Cap Boobs" picture, which deserves a list all it's own to be sure. I didn't find it laugh out loud funny, but I liked it when he would point out something in the photo to highlight obvious mistakes Liefeld had made. My favorite being the #1 and many of the Shatterstar photos where he showed that Liefeld would drawn the accessories after drawing (barely) the hands that were suppose to be holding them.

His work in making this list is very commendable.
My non-comics-reading buddy who's into poetry and mopeds laughed out loud, so that's how I know it's really funny, and not just to nerds.
Funny article. But I would have put Captain America and his boobs on the list.

And who could forget Cable's non-elbow?
Those were the EXACT two pictures I missed. They're probably the two greatest Liefeld ****ups in history, but he didn't put them on.
That's one of the best laughs I've had in awhile. I have to admit that at the time Liefeld first hit the field I kinda liked his work, it was different and seemed dynamic at the time...now I look back and think what the hell was I thinking, kinda like McFarlane's early work. The difference though is McFarlane actually got better while LIefeld still draws the exact same way which is really sad.

And I still find it hard to believe they actually published that Cap picture.
Someone should make a "Best of Liefeld... by other people" list for characters he created, like Deadpool, who only became good characters when other people took over on them.

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