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8 dead in Finland high school shooting

Sorry to hear this, but you can't help but think that somewhere Jack Thompson has an erection.
I take it you're currently getting picked on in high school.

Don't mistake my understanding for me begin in the situation, I couldn't imagine going through what these kids go through.

I haven't been in high school for over 2 years and when I was there I wasn't bullied in the least. The school I went to was really diverse and we didn't have a bullying or violence problem. We had maybe 2 fights in the whole four years I spent there. I greatly enjoyed my high school years, and am currently in between colleges, taking a years off after a year of college in a course I decided I didn't like.

But I'm not really the topic at hand.
Do not bully the quiet ones, they are deadly....:dry:
Its abuse. Its humiliation, Its a fine motive for murder, especially after it happening for years.

Of course I don't know anything about this case and the guy could simply be a ****tard psycho which would make my point pointless.

9 times outta 10 I really feel for the shooter. Yeah the inncocent people who get plugged too.

I totally get the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy".

Long story short: from 6th grade till halfway through senior year I was the target. Made fun of for every possible reason, names, balls thrown at me in gym...so bad I just stopped chaging for class and just go hide...kids are a-holes. Most of them...

I wanted to drop out, but knew with out at least a diploma I wouldn't get far...
Instead of unleashing my wrath upon the world I hated so much I went the other way. Drugs. I liked how it felt not to feel.
Notice I said halfway through senoir year...I got busted, told the truth (how I hated everything and everyone (hence my escapeism) asked for help...went to rehab, realized I matter and all that ABC after skool special stuff.
I was happy to not be allowed back in school. Got home tutored to finish the year.

I think deep down I knew that high school was just a crock of poop and that after it was all over everything would change...meek shall inheirit the earth kinda junk. It's cliche but all that crap made me a stronger person. Karma is a wonderful thing. All the jocks are now fat, the ra-ra's are fat as well (I've seen their picutures on myspace) complaining about marrige, kids, bill, jobs...life...makes me just a little bit happy inside.

For me...I got the f outta Jersey (never to return) I'm not fat anymore and have a job I absolutely love doing what I have always wanted to do (culinary). Good friends...all that...life is great.
True I am single, and that's fine with me becuase I don't really like people anyway =^)

while I don't agree with alot of what my parents did...I was at least taught manners and respect, chew with my mouth closed and don't scuff your feet.
I'm not going to kill anybody, but Id be lying if I said I wouldn't enjoy reading a few obituaries.

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