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90s comic about humans in robot power suits


Feb 7, 2005
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I've been digging through boxes in the basement looking at old stuff and I suddenly remembered a comic I had as a kid that I loved but never finished. I can't figure out what it was called.

Okay I know this is going to be hard to go on, but during the late 80s or early 90s, I had a series of comics about a team of humans that had robot power suits. They were pretty much human sized (so no giant robots or exosuits or anything, they were just people inside metal), it was a very North American style but gritty/realistic in that late 80s sense. All the suits looked like they were realistic and designed with real functions. One guy's suit looked like bomb-disposal/diver suit, it was fat with a round porthole that was red with some arms, others had more streamlined power suits like one silver one. No silly skin-tight Iron Men looking things, these things were pretty bulky and realistic.

It was not a superhero comic, it was a pretty adult comic with serious situations in a dark dystopian but realistic near-future, somewhat reminiscent of the Marvel Robocop comic series but even gritter with great lightning and very good drawing and coloring. There was some evil corporation (as usual) and political intrigue, it all took place in a city. Characters slept together, fought together, main characters died. I really can't recall much of anything. It was probably from one of those independant early 90s comic labels.

Can anybody help me out?
The only thing that comes to mind is Centurions, but I don't think that was it

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