A Day without a Woman

In my circle, we refer to this day as "Wednesday." :o
For one day, your cheerleader thread will be nothing but pictures of guys in shorts doing high kicks.
Good luck getting my wife not to spend any money today. lol
It will have little affect because they represent less than 10% of the population.
A day without immigrants left my sons class with only 6 kids out of 26 in class. Today, no school for my son. School was cancelled yesterday due to A Day without a Woman, also a county in VA closed schools for todays event.
A day without a woman is everyday for the majority of the gamergate/4chan/stormfront/mra crowd.
All this protesting is a waste of time. Crybabies throwing hissy fits to placate themselves and they are the only ones who care. You just lost out on your salary for a full work day. Congratulations. Who cares.
They could have spent the day helping the elderly, sick or the poor women in this country but nah...holding sarcastic signs and banging drums creates REAL change.

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