The Force Awakens A Slightly Less Than Serious Idea For A New Franchise

mr. peasant

Jul 31, 2007
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Okay, this probably started out as a serious idea before going completely off the rails. And I swear there's a good, solid idea at its core. There's no real reason behind the suggestion beyond my thinking that it'd be cool. Essentially, the idea is this:

Star Wars meets Harry Potter.

Basically, create the Star Wars equivalent of Harry Potter; showing the adventures of a young protagonist as he trains towards becoming a Jedi at a school for Jedis. And no; I don't mean in the vein of the Junior Jedi Knights series whatsoever.

Rather, like Harry Potter, the movies would play up the various boarding school tropes while elaborating on Jedi training; including a subject called Defence Against the Dark Side or DADS. The school would be located in an ancient Jedi temple with lots of secrets and secret corridors, with an old Luke Skywalker as its wise and eccentric Dumbledore... I mean, Headmaster.

Also, as in most boarding schools, the students will be divided into individual houses; each with their own distinct set of ideals and characteristics. They'd be:

Kenobi House: The house all the heroes are from a.k.a. Gryffindor
Palpatine House: The evil house a.k.a. Slytherin
Yoda House: The smart house a.k.a. Ravenclaw
Organa House: The useless house a.k.a. Hufflepuff

Meanwhile, the villain would be the spirit of an ancient Sith Lord who is trying to resurrect himself, destroy the Jedi and rule the universe.

Oh, and instead of Quidditch, everyone instead plays Huttball.

Thoughts? :D
Disney would probably get sued if they did it, but otherwise I like it.
I feel like even if they got sued, they'd win, and make more than enough money to compensate if they lost. In any case, that would be a fun idea for an "Elseworlds" tale, but not a good idea for the new films.
I think the idea of Starfleet Academy works better than a Jedi Knight series. A Jedi Knight series would be like watching a show about a bunch of young men studying to be one priests. So much of the human condition and experiences of life are denied, that I think a lot of the drama just wouldn't be there.

Addressing the OP specifically, it's clinging too much to things unique to Potter to be viable.
Other than the possibilities of a JEDI Academy featuring a Palpatine House, this sounds fun for a Tales-like comic series.

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