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Actors Who Have Real Talent But Got Overlooked in Hollywood


Nov 26, 2007
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Pretty much what it says on the title...

Don't you have that feeling where you go, "man that actor/actress would've been--could've been something if Hollywood weren't so fickle?! They have acting potential! Look at the versatility - the range of their roles! Goldmine, man! Where the hell *are* they???!!"

This is the thread where we appreciate all the has-beens who coulda AND shoulda.!

And lets hope their agents get fired before they turn 50 or... dead.

Okay you'll probably laugh at me for this but I don't care:

Ralph Macchio - he got forever typecasted as the Karate Kid. He was great in The Outsiders alongside Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Diane Lane, etc. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Macchio was seen as one of the top actors in 1984.

Mark Hamill - forever known as Luke Skywalker, farmboy son of James Earl Jones. Who woulda thought he can convince us as the Joker in Batman:The Animated Series, etc.?

Jerry Orbach - the senior homicide detective from Law and Order and the singing, dancing candle in Beauty and the Beast. He only won an emmy - after being nominated 12 times - one year after he died.

There's a whole lot more...

The only one I agree with up there is Jerry Orbach....
what ever happend to mark hamill? why wasn't he ever in anything after star wars.. movie wise.
what ever happend to mark hamill? why wasn't he ever in anything after star wars.. movie wise.

I think Harrison Ford took enough fame for himself, Mark, and Carrie Fisher combined.

On a side note, I'm still hoping for a third Star Wars trilogy where Hamil reprises his role as Luke Skywalker and turns to the dark side.

He should have been huge, but I don't know what happened.
what ever happend to mark hamill? why wasn't he ever in anything after star wars.. movie wise.
The way I remember it he did a disappearing from the movie business to go into theatre. I do recall numerous reappearances and mentions of voice acting and computer game roles...

Wikipedia has a fine habit of collecting these sorts of details, so here you go: Mark Hamill.
Watch THE BIG RED ONE sometime with Mark Hammill. Hammill plays a soldier under the command of LEE MARVIN.
john c reily until very recently

james mardson is good looking man and a good actor he should be huge

laura liney

all i can think of now
Mark Hammil decided on his own not to go all out hollywood.
He did play in that outstanding movie 'Corvette Summer' :) Did'nt he also do voice for the Joker and someonline game as well..
I think Eric Roberts is a decent actor who don't get much props imo..Cuba Goodin Jr. I don't know if hes overlooked,but I dont see him in many major roles anymore..
Someone posted the guy from Terminator(forgot his name),I kindof agree he did play in the abyss,Planet Terror,but again in small type roles..
A lot of very talented people are overlooked in Hollywood. James Marsden is the stand out, though, for me.
Yeah, but I think Laura Liney is doing it exactly the way she wants......
He had that car accident right before finishing filming on his last Star Wars movie, and some said that he was pretty scarred up for awhile.....and maybe the time off made him realize that really wasn't what he wanted for his career...

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