Adaptations to games.

I thought this thread was from last year, not early this year.
It will be last year in a couple of months, but I mean early 2014.

Just thought of the idea of LEGO Dragon Ball Z, one version of Goku flies on the cloud, another without it.
I want a good non movie related open world Spider-Man game. It's a shame that all but Ultimate has only featured the island of New York. Give Spidey Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island.

Base the combat and design of the Amazing Spider-Man in Shattered Dimensions. That Spidey looked very comic booky and different from the Batman Arkham games.



Give me other Marvel characters in it. Have Spidey team up with Daredevil in missions in Hell's Kitchen, have Spidey train with Luke Cage or the Thing, have him race Johnny Storm and Iron Man around New York City, have him team up with Cap in side missions dealing with Hydra in NYC, have a team up with Wolverine, include science related stuff with the Fantastic Four.

Include a gang war between Kingpin, Hammerhead, and Tombstone and Spidey helping end it.

Base it off the Mark Miller Marvel Knight's Spider-Man story. Start off with the kidnapping of Aunt May and Peter wondering who's behind it. You got every Spidey villain involved in that. Norman, Ock, Sandman, Hydro Man, Vulture, Eddie Brock, the new Venom, and more.

That could end up topping what Rocksteady has done with Batman it's so epic.

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