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All about christmas (origins, santa, anti-claus, superstitions)


Aug 25, 2006
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Hey, I wrote this for supernatural.tv and thought I would share it with you guys... it's an inside look into this pagan holiday we celebrate to a Christ who was actually born in the fall. :cwink:

See the origins of Christmas, Santa Claus, anti-claus and christmas superstitions such as headless shadows foreshadowing death:

just means that we're not celebrating christ- well, in a way we still are... just not on his actual birthday.

to me christmas has always been about family, so celebration is all about family and that part remained huge back then as huge as it is today...

btw, there's a link to christmas specials to watch (they even have It's a wonderful life)
Anti-Claus, bah! Bring on the Robot Santa I say!

yay ! nimrod is coming to town , you better not shout , you better not pout ,
anti-claus is coming to town ...to burn you alive.

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