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Amalgam comics movies


Sep 23, 2005
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Remember how there was an Amalgam comic book about "Dark Claw: The Animated Series", which was an amalgam of "Batman: The Animated Series" and "X-Men: The Animated Series"?

Well, here are the movies in the Amalgam continuty:

-"Dark Claw" ["Batman"/"X-Men"]: where Dark Claw rises to protect New Gotham from its biggest menace, Hyena.

-"DK2: United Return" ["Batman Returns"/"X2: X-Men United"]: where Dark Claw faces his new nemesis, Catsai.

-"Justice League X" ["Justice League of America" TV movie/"X-Men"]: where the JLX bands together to face Magneto and his Magnetic Men.

-"Catsai" ["Catwoman"/"Elektra"]: awful movie where Catsai faces a tattoed villain with indestructable skin

-"Bruce Wayne: SHIELD Agent" ["Batman"/"Nick Fury, SHIELD Agent" TV movie]: where Bruce Wayne founds SHIELD and fights Hydra

-"Nick Fury, SHIELD Agent" [Marvel]: TV movie where Nick Fury fights Hydra with the help of Bruce Wayne

-"Super Soldier" ["Superman/"Captain America"]: where Super Soldier fights Green Skull throught the years.

-"Speed Demon" ["The Flash" TV movie/"Ghost Rider"]: where Speed Demon uses his powers to fight Mephisatanus.

-"The Flash" [DC]: awful TV movie about the origin of the speedster.

-"The New and Original Amazon" ["The New and Original Wonder Woman" TV movie/"X-Men"]: where Amazon rises up to defeat evil and injustice.

-"John Jones: Vampire Hunter" ["Justice League of America" TV movie/"Blade"]: where the alien vampire John Jones hunts other vampires to repent for his sins.

-"Legend of Skulk" ["Legend of the Superheroes" TV movie/"The Incredible Hulk" TV movie]: where we meet Skulk's origin, and his struggle gainst the world

-"Dark Claw: Pride of the Phantasm" ["Batman: Mask of the Phantasm"/"Pryde of the X-Men" TV movie]: animated movie where Dark Claw faces a mysterious masked vigilante.

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