Amish Mafia


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May 10, 2005
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I don't know if this show is all fake, half fake, all real, half real, but I find it hysterical and intriguing on multiple levels.

It's 100% fake. The Amish don't let themselves get photographed or videotaped. Ever.
Yeah it's all ******** like their (Discovery Channel) last series fixated around a so-called criminal organization, The Devil's Ride.
Yea, whoever is behind this doesn't know much of anything about Amish people.
Or the mafia. What mafia members would go on camera like this?
It really saddens me the depths to which formerly educational channels have sunk.
Hmm... funny...

Why couldn't this be on Adult Swim right between Children's Hospital and Delocated?
Saw the previews for this the other day at a friends house. I am sooooo glad I don't have cable.
It takes a special brand of **** to make the Kardashians show look less awful. Well done, Discovery. :o
This looks kinda hilariously awesome.
The great thing about this show is that real Amish wont really do anything about the misrepresentation of their culture.

I cracked up at that "Amish" chick doing a handstand on the keg. ****ing ridiculous.
Levi is a p*##^

High school kids could kick their a##
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What is funny is I live in Lancaster County, Pa and found this hard to believe. But they do make it appear realistic.

The guy with the tattoos is a Mennonite not Amish.
They're showing it right now. I have to watch it.
Looks pretty fake. As someone else mentioned many of them must be Mennonites to be running around with tattoos.

I expected this to be about that crazy Amish cult leader that was having his men attack other Amish men and cut off their beards. That's more like an "Amish mafia" and is also an actual thing.
I kept thinking of this while watching...

I was flipping through channels and caught this. Thought it was pretty funny and watchable, even if bogus.

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