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An untitled gundam fan fic *work in progress*



Whats up all, recently I've been working on a little fan-fic revolving around the gundam universe. It's not a canon storyline at all, and it's all just for fun, so don't expect something of published author proportions (I'm a junior in high school and I have a B+ in english haha) however expect to see a cameo by
at least one popular gundam :cwink:

Just a little sidenote, I'm friends with swordmaster, and him and I used the same names in our stories, so it's not just a coincidence haha.

Anyway, onward with the story! I'll probably be posting at least one chapter per week, possibly two per week, I don't really know, I'm very lazy.
Ch.1 - Routine
He had woken up to the sound of a muffled alarm clock, which was then unplugged from the nearby outlet and thrown across the room, breaking into tiny plastic pieces. The boy got up and with a lethargic attitude made his way towards the bathroom. He turned the shower on, and let the warm water fall down his short blond hair. He felt the water run down the rest of his body. With the same laziness he used to get in the shower, he washed his hair, and got out. Before leaving the bathroom, he thought he caught a glimpse of a figure in the reflection of the window on his mirror. He stared at it with his blue eyes, hoping to have actually seen something.

“Nah, not at 7 in the morning.” He thought to himself as he walked to his room to get dressed.

Already, his mother had placed a bowl of cereal on his bedside table for him to eat, even though by now it was soggy and repulsive.

“It’s not like it would make a bit of difference though, its not like I ever eat in the morning anyway…” He silently thought as he walked out to his mother’s car, but not before checking his wallet for his ID. The ID read, name: Colin S. birth-date: 5/16/91, graduating year: 2009.

* * * * * * * *

Colin walked to school in the same fashion, always at a steady pace not really talking to anybody in particular. On rare occasions would he see a friend walking up ahead and so he would say hi and make regular conversation. He’s never really active until he reaches “the spot up the stairs” to which he would meet his friends. They would talk, and laugh, and make fun of each other all the while trying to forget about the classes they would begin attending within the next few minutes. This pattern is never really altered, however, there are times when one friend is absent, or some other people went to the library to get some procrastinated homework finished, it was always the same with the usual bunch.

Tom, the comic book guy of the group. He was sometimes given a nickname chosen from at random that related to the color red solely because of his fiery red hair. These nicknames were made up usually by Colin or Justin. Most of the time, the group just found that it was easier to call him Tommy. Justin was the logical one of the group. One could consider him as the “bearer of bad news, but delighted to do so” guy. Justin’s usually seen being sarcastic or doing what is logical in what some would find tough situations. Luke, whose into sports and music, and Jimmy, who has a promising career in acting and has a positive personality. After chatting with his friends, the bell would ring, and the group would disperse to their classes. This is how his day begins.
Ch. 2 - Plans

“So do you think we can go to your house tonight Justin? We can’t chill at my house ‘cause Germ has a friend sleeping over.” Luke asked Justin, with reference to his brother Jeremy as ‘germ.’

“If we chill at Justin’s house I can just walk to his house after school and get a ride home from my mom later.” Tommy said as he joined into the conversation.

“Yeah.” Justin apathetically said.

“I can probably get a ride, I don’t know yet, but I’ll probably be able to get one.” Jimmy shyly said.

“I always have a ride, it’s either my bike, which I hate riding, or my mom can drive. Either way, I’m clear for a ride.” Colin stated aloud.

“So 7:30?” Justin asked the group.

The friends agreed that 7:30 would be a good time, and with that, the bell rang and they went along to class.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The clock on the cablebox said 8:00. All of the friends had arrived. Jimmy took a seat on Justin’s bed and waited for the ongoing game of halo ended.

“FACE!” Luke shouted with angst as he killed Colin with a headshot from across the map.

“Your mom’s face!” Colin returned jokingly as he took out Luke right as he respawned, only to get stuck by a plasma grenade thrown from Tommy.
“Just like a ginger…” He mockingly said as his character flew off the map.

“My bad Colin, I ment to melee you, but I decided it’d be quicker to sticky grenade you.” Tommy tauntingly said.

“DAMN YOU!” Luke again shouted, but this time with anger, as he was killed by Justin.

“Yeah, eat it.” Justin happily said, only to turn around and get shot-gunned in the face by Colin, ending the game.

“I win again, stopsign, give it up.” Colin replied.

“God damn it Colin.” Tommy countered as he gave his controller up.

“You guys ever notice how it’s usually me and Colin who win all the time, and Tommy and Jimmy who also come in last and switch controllers?” Luke pointed out

“Yeah I wonder why, maybe its cause were just amazing.” Colin said

“Well I’m already amazing, and I’m getting better, I’ve been winning a lot more matches.” Justin joined in on the discussion.

“That’s because I’m either not there or too distracted to kill Luke, who’s the one usually jacking all the kills.” Replied Colin

“I think Tommy and I should have some sort of say in this.” Jimmy said

“Well, losers don’t get a say in anything. Including Halo.” Justin challengingly said.

“I don’t feel like winning anymore, you guys wanna play smash?” Colin questioned the group.

“My house, were playing smash.” Justin returned.

The rest of the group, mostly luke, groaned at the thought of getting destroyed by the duo of Colin and Justin.

“Ah you know what screw that I gotta go guys, later!” Colin exclaimed

“See ya later man” The group returned

“I’ll give you guys a call tomorrow!” Colin said as he walked out the door.

As Colin was walking home, he noticed a man with a hood following him. Hunched back, slim, but built. He felt uneasy staring him down. The man followed his movements, every turn of the corner, everytime he crossed the street, everytime he changed his pace. The man relentlessly pursued him. As he reached his house, he turned around ready to strike blows with the man, who seemingly disappeared.

“I think I’ll lock my window tonight.” He jokingly thought to himself as he walked inside to sleep.
* * * * * *
The bottle fell to the ground and broke, shattering into a thousand pieces. Pieces that could only be described as torturous eyes, staring upon a helpless victim. The man spoke with a dark tone, yet at the same time cocky.
"I've located the first target, should I carry on to phase 2?"
"Have the others found their targets?" A ominous voice answered through the phone
"I don't know, I haven't heard anything yet." The man in black replied.
"Finish phase 1, plant the seed, we'll watch it grow. He'll be the first to become a god." The voice spoke again
The man in black grinned.
"Roger, the seed will be planted tonight. I'll forward the message to the others if I hear from the them."
A click was heard and the display on the phone read: Call ended.
The man chuckled as he walked towards Colin's house.
Ch.3 – Dream

<&#8230;.wake up>
Colin eyes snapped open, he flung himself forward, arms flailing in front of him.
&#8220;Who&#8217;s there?&#8221; He questioned the darkness &#8220;I said who&#8217;s there!&#8221; He shouted
He swiftly jumped up and turned the light on, then reached around his closet corner and grabbed a bat.

As he walked through his house, he turned to view his backyard when he saw something that horrified him. The sky was crimson, faint little embers could be seen rising up from the burning landscape.

He heard crashes, cracks from gunshots and explosions from rockets filled his ears. He walked outside, dropped the bat and walked across the edge of the pool to the roof of his garage to get a better look.

It was there, when he saw it. Towering roughly 10 stories tall, glowing green eyes and a fluorescent green saber in it&#8217;s right hand with a gun in it&#8217;s left hand and big black wings that resembled a bat&#8217;s wings.

It was destroying everything, taking quick slashes at the buildings and shooting houses.
He heard people screaming, dieing. He felt the pain and anger all inside. This pain and anger turned to fear.

As Colin watched horrified, he slowly stepped backwards on the roof, just barely on the edge. The shingles couldn&#8217;t support his weight, and collapsed onto the cold cement.

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