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Spider-Man fan-fic Idea...


Dec 13, 2005
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Well, I'm a fan of Carnage, and I was kinda dissapointed in his death, and I was thinking up way s to bring him back out of sheer boredom that isnt crap. I just came up with this idea about 15 minutes ago and I liked it. I'm gonna refine it and maybe actually write it, but for now here's the jist of it. Please comment. I also kind of improved upon the caranage character, and tried to make him a real serial killer, and not a mass murderer.

Ok, after the Sentry rips my boy in two, the symbiote (Let's pretend cassady wasn't in it, and using the symbiote slipped away unnoticed during the riot, but sent the symbiote back in to buy him some time to escape.) breaks off unto seperate molecules (spelling?) and "evaporates" into the air, and because it's so small it wouldn't of burned up upon re-enrty.

So, one day a young red-headed girl is found dead in some back alley,murdered. (maybe some other stuf like... she was tortured for a while and maybe raped. Gross, I know but I'm trying to make a realistic serial killer.). the autopsy reavels a spider symbol carved deep in her flesh, and a mysterious red substance, is found in it. Over the next little while, young red headed girls start going missing. All of them eventually turn up, weeks later, with the same spider carved into them. Obviously, Mj goes missing and spidey starts a little investagation. He obviously finds carnage and that's it so far.

I'm trying to figure out a way for clete to be "drawing" the symbiote back to him, and the girls have something to do with it, and that's part of the reason that he's killing them. I was also thinking that myabe a bunch of people were getting really sick and coughing up a bunch of red liquid (which isnt blood) because they breathed the symbiote in at some point. The red liquid would then worm it way through the streets, all of it heading toward clete.
That's cool. The idea of him gathering things he needs is kind of video-game like, and also echoes pop culture conventions of killers who are "collecting" part of victims. Definitely would suit Carnage. The idea of Kasady not having been in the suit is probably exactly the storyline that Marvel will someday use. And Kasady sending Red back in to take risks on his behalf is true to their relationship- both to Kasady's tendency to exploit Red and Red's tendency to take any opportunity it gets to do its own thing.

Why only women, though? Red has "borrowed" Kasady's sexual interest in women and sadism? A wierd attempt to be Kasady itself? Or women and their relationship to blood juist freaks you the f~ck out? ;)

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