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Another reason Minnesota sucks


Sep 26, 2005
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Minors Get $25 Fine for Adult Games
Minnesota is the latest state to pass an 'Inappropriate Games' bill.
by Daemon Hatfield

May 19, 2006 - It's the hottest trend in state government, and it's sweeping the nation! Following similar bills passed recently in Oklahoma and Louisiana, the Minnesota House has passed its own 'Inappropriate Games' bill.

Proposed by Republican Representative Jeff Johnson, the bill, HF1298, requires retail outlets to put up signs explaining the ESRB rating system. And in a new twist, instead of fining retailers for selling M or AO-rated games to minors, the bill levies a $25 dollar fine on the minor. Of course, Johnson noted he is not trying to criminalize video games, and as such the offense would not go on the minor's record.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, Representative Barb Goodwin of DFL-Columbia Heights tried, unsuccessfully, to amend the bill so it would also punish retailers for the offense: "It's the retailers that know what these games are. It's the retailers that buy the games or rent the games that know what they've got there. If they choose to rent those to children then they ought to pay the fine. They are the ones profiting off of it."

Nearly every other video game-related bill has been struck down on First Amendment grounds. Representative Johnson commented, "We were trying to pass the narrowest bill possible just to try something different from a constitutional challenge standpoint." He conceded, "There are two potential constitutional problems. One is that we are using the ESRB ratings. I can see a court saying you can't use private industry to create the law, but there's no way around that because everything else anyone has tried has been unsuccessful. The other piece is that so far no court has found a strong enough link (between game violence and youth violence)."

You need to name reasons why Minnesota sucks?

I thought it was just assumed.
Minnesota is the Devils favorite vacation spot.
I was worried about bills like that back when I bought Moral Kombat 4...... but now I am of age, so they can pass all they want.... Clerk wins. :up:
I hope they all join me in hell for there "bills"
Sarge 2.0 said:
You need to name reasons why Minnesota sucks?

I thought it was just assumed.

You don't need reasons to say Minnesota sucks. That is a given.
No, because I completely agree with that. I'm not letting you Hot Topic, Emo, AFI-starcrossed snot nosed brats ruin something I've put a lot of my time and my life into just because you wanna be "cool".
tis not a given...

name some reasons that minnesota sucks? asses
The amendments have already been torn to shreds. Why not just break down this barrier now, saving us slightly more shock then if it happened down the road.
ScottyBBadd said:
Like Democrats would allow these games.

Like either one should have that much choice in the matter.
This is hilarious. Yes, Minnesota does indeed suck. I've lived here for 12 years now, before that I was in Milwaukee, as you all know The Fonz hails from Wisconsin. But yes, it does indeed suck. Even the Mall of America is nothing to speak of. The stores are repetitive and generally catered toward preppy folks. The stripclubs are lame: the girls are average looking, you can't touch them when they dance or you'll get kicked out. I mean I could go write an essay on why Minnesota sucks but at least it's not Idaho or Wyoming. Yeeesh!
Whats that gross "Fish Jello" stuff called? I know I've heard of it before and I also know it's from Minnesota.
Fish Jello?? Cheese curds, you mean? I've lived here for 12 years but I'm not "Minnesotan." I don't have the accent or anything. Some things are still a mystery to me.
Tangled Web said:
Pretty much everything about it sucks other than the mall.
Actually, the Mall of America is a pretty bad mall. I don't much like it.

StorminNorman said:
Not our Govenor anymore, but he did a better job than the moron we have now
stryfe said:
Minnesota is the Devils favorite vacation spot.
I figured that Hell, Wisconsin would be.
Ha! I found the name of the Fish Jello stuff, it's apparentley called "Lutafisk". Blech!
Serves you kids right for wanting to rot your minds with games meant for people over 17 years of age.
Scarlet spidey said:
I figured that Hell, Wisconsin would be.

Hey, you keep your hell comments restricted to your crappy state. :up:

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