Any crash landing you can walk away from they say...

Well if you think about it, about 30,000 commercial flights happen every day. And a crash like this happens every 5 years or more, and here, only 2 people died. Seriously, watch the videos, it's amazing that the plane's fuselage stayed intact. It took such a beating. The nose bounced up a good 200 feet before it came back down. The fact that it stayed intact saved so many lives. That thing was incredibly well-built.

There are hundreds of worse car crashes that happen every day.

Oh, I know all of that, and I think I've come a long way from my flight anxiety.

But a couple years back, I was supposed to catch a flight back to California to visit family for Christmas, and I ended up cancelling the flight and vacation because I was having such bad anxiety and panic attacks because I was worried about flying and crashing, or getting hijacked.

Granted, I think a lot of my anxiety was deeper seeded than just flying, as it was when I first moved to Tennessee, before I started going back to school, and was at a point in my life where I felt lonely (having moved so far away from the only place I've ever known) and without any hope or purpose (I was working 2 dead end jobs and still struggling to make ends meat, constantly bumming money, up to $1000 a pop, from my parents, just to pay the bills, and just felt utterly worthless in my life and without a purpose or direction).

Once I went back to school, and started finding my purpose, my outlook started to change drastically, and I've been on planes since then, and have even had some really positive flying experiences...

But while I'm not having panic attacks or anything, that fear and discomfort is still there, and seeing things like this, while I know logically are a one in thousands / millions shot, logic doesn't always play into emotional feelings :p

All that being said, my comment was more of a sarcastic jab at myself and my own past weaknesses than any sort of real life freaking out because a plane crashed. :)

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