Anyone knows where I can buy the Punisher movie logo shirt ?


Apr 29, 2004
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Anyone knows an official site that sells the Punisher movie merchandise or any other site where I can purchase a t-shirt with the movie skull Punisher logo ?
Sure is. It's exactly, and I mean exactly like the movie shirt. The skull's the perfect size and in the perfect position. I picked that and the work shirt up.
Looking at the picture of the Hot Topic t-shirt, I say it's not exactly like the movie version... but it's damn close. Better than most other such merchandise. Anyone know if there's an even better version somewhere?
It is exactly like the movie shirt. I have 2 of them and they match the skull right when he pulls it out of the sand and dirt. If they are sold out at Hot Topic try eBay.
I'm wearing one right now. Superherostuff is a great site.

I should so become a spokesman.
slight differences in the coloring, but that is very minor. Trust me when you get the shirt you will definitely be impressed.
I am already impressed. I'm considering whether or not to get it. International shipping and all. :(
You might be better of trying Ebay then.
I know of a great site with many different versions of the shirt to choose from and all other kinds of things like belt buckles and patches, etc. they have almost every hero shirt you can think of.:unishr:
I got mine off Ebay. But it got some kind of weird stains on it while back and I have been wanting to get a new one. :(
Hm, I wonder what size the shirt Jane wore in the movie had?
For his frame, I would say he normally wears a large, but they probably used a size smaller so the shirt was tighter.
At Anchor Blue they have it for $4.

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