Anyone reading the Annihilation mini-series?


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Jan 2, 2004
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Are any of them worth buying?

I've always kinda liked Marvel's cosmic stuff . . . but I also like not going broke, and between this and Civil War coming on the heels of Infinite Crisis, I'm trying to be a bit selective in what I spend my money on.
Well, I'm reading it and really loving it. Course I am a big cosmic fan, so I'm a bit bias.

The Surfer mini is progressing a bit slow (though the Thanos subplot is interesting), but Nova, Super Skrull, and Ronan have been pretty damn good reads thus far. If you're a big fan of the cosmics, Tim, I recommend picking this "event" up if you can. :up:
great books, great story, great art, great idea

go get them
I read the one shot and wasn't that impressed but decided to pick up the surfer story as I've always loved the character and Giffen's work and so far i'm very plesantly surprised by the mini and really enjoying it. If it continues I'll pick up the Anyalation miniseries itself. Might also try the Super Skrull mini if I find myself getting swept up into it more.

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