Anyone Seen a Worse Babysitter Than This Guy?

The Joker said:
BULLS**T. When I was a kid, my parents would let me watch horror movies. I'm talking s**t like the first Nightmare on Elm Street and Texas Chainsaw Massacre here. I saw A Clockwork Orange the first time when I was 8. And at the time, they freaked me the hell out, yes. Oft was the time I made sure I was home before dark simply because I didnt want a guy wearing a mask made out of skin to cut me in half with a chainsaw. But it made me stronger in the end, because I eventually had to just think "Those are just movie, they're not real and not that scary because of that." And I also got a great appreciation of horror movies out of it. So if some guy running into a room yelling "The monster!" is going to scar a kid for life, that's cause the kid was probably coddled and made weak his entire life, which is the real abuse there.

Yeah my parents were the same way. Looking back at it I am glad I was able to watch those movies then, because thats when they actually scare you.
This is an awful thing to do. It shows what a horrible person the dad is. I feel sorry for that child to have a parent like that. I wonder if this is considered child abuse by law.
sorry, thats not funny. The poor kid is terrified.
That's not funny at all. Someone should kick that dad in the balls.
Sure, I know of a babysitter worse than this guy. But it's kind of a horrible, depressing story with a twist at the end.

Here goes:

This guy had to babysit his girlfriend's 11 year-old daughter. And while he was babysitting her, he took some cocaine. She saw him do it, and asked if she could get some as well. So, being high, he gave her some. And when she asked for more, he asked for a bj first.

And the next time he babysat her the same thing happened. A coke-sex party every time.

Eventually, her mother found out, and he went to jail. But now, years later, the 11 year-old girl has become a woman, and she got married to her former babysitter (now out of jail), and they're still living happily ever after, the end.

Jesus. :eek: :(
Maximum_Carnage said:

technically, he should be considered a mom
im so going to do that if I ever have to babysit a kid that young
i've got two words...................................

THE MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad used to hide under my bed when i was 2 or 3 and scared the crap out of me...and I turned out fine.

*turns night light back on before going to bed*
im sorry, but this **** is hilarious.

and if the kid cant take that, he doesnt deserve to become a man.

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