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AQUAMAN in Justice League Discussion Thread


Amazing Amazon
Jun 4, 2005
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Not sure if Aquaman has a Justice League thread devoted him just yet. I checked, however, old unused threads have a tendency to disappear.

Is Aquaman even in this movie?!?

Well if he is, this is the place to talk about his characterization in the film...

Which version of Aquaman and who should play him?

He has had 5 distinct looks over the years (all with slight variations) and each representing/reflecting Aquaman's modes/issues at the time.

If he appears in Justice League, should he reflect one particular look...then which one? Or should it be an amalgam of the tasteful parts of his costume changes over the years?

Well here they are. I have order them from my favorite to my least!

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Version 5

Here are some 'alternate realities...'

Version 6 - Wizard's Ultimate

Version 7 - Stan Lee's Just Imagine
Aquaman is a decent character but he just doesn't serve much purpose to me. I mean the power to talk to sea life, swim at great speeds and depths, and the hook hand? I just don't know. i haven't followed the character, so I don't know if he's been upgraded. I doubt he has that much but if he had powers like that woman Aspen in Fathom from Top cow, then he'd be bad ass. Unless the movie is somehow going to include some threat or either an attack on the surface world from atlantis, then AM really isn't needed.
Well which Aquaman was in the Tower of Babel and/or OMAC project storylines? I think you got your answer right there...
I don't think that Heroes guy is gonna be Aquaman. He has too much of a resemblance to Max Lord.
I will like to see him in a sequel, not in the first movie
i like version one.

the story behind the hook hand was deep, but i just think that the water hand is cooler.
Here are some of my pics...tell me what you think. Depending on the Aquaman they choose, my choices vary to fit the look and style of that interpretation of the character.

Justin Hartley

Taylor Kitsch

Gerard Butler
I like version 2. But a very classic Aquaman outfit would be amazing too.
I'm sorry but I really don't care for Gerard Butler in the role at all
Why not? Scott Porter and Iris seem like good sources. Who else could he be playing?
Based on what?

They wouldnt give the main villian role to some no-name actor after Liam Neeson and Kevin Spacey.
Teresa Palmer is pretty much unknown and she's possibly Talia, so pretty much anything goes. He just looks like Max Lord over Aquaman. As for no-names, that's possibly half the Justice League at the moment.
Maxwell Lord is the main villian though. Talia is essentially a side villian like Cilian Murphy's Scarcrow.

And you can't determine this casting by looks at all man.. its tough;

They cast a lightskin rapper as John Stewart, Adam Brody as Wally West and a teenage-looking blonde girl as Talia.

And Maxwell Lord may not have a specific look to match up with in the casting process either.
Well Santiago isn't a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, white guy either. This is the male equivalent to Alba's Sue Storm
It is. But really, aside from Common. All the actors so far seem to need a cosmetic change.

I dont think Max Lord will be as young as Cabrera (late 20s) anyway.
Casting Santiago reminds me of HBO's Entourage. Adrian Grenier's character Vincent Chase was Aquaman. He was also not blonde haired and blue eyed.

Here are Aquaman's logos from the show, which I thought was pretty cool looking...

^ I just said the same thing over in the JL casting thread LOL wierd
then i saw this thread and was going to move it here, and read your post

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