Are there any new superheroes making it "big"?

Venom doesn't count, since he was created in the '80s; but Carnage is a product of the 90s.

I think X-23 is gaining ground as a popular character. Bishop. War Machine. Certainly Deadpool.

On the villain front, the 90s and 21Cen have given us Bane, Doomsday, Harley Quinn, Hush as popular Bat- and Super-nasties.

I guess the whole Ultimates universe can be considered "new" characters....but then again, not. And by the same token, the whole Marvel Zombie universe is popular.

The problem with War Machine for the general audience is that Iron Man 2 didn't push his name, especially in the movie. Stark made a casual remark about Rhodes thinking he's some kind of war machine, but that's easy to miss. If he had been officially designated as War Machine, then people would've caught on. However, it's easy for people to just think he's someone else in another Iron Man suit (especially since, in IM3 there are all these different colours of suits - eg a more gold IM suit or one that looks more like Captain America (the Iron Patriot, who may or may not be named as such)).

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