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Are they ever making "Good Omens"?

Aug 30, 2004
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I'm halfway through the book and man, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time :up:
I know this was planned years ago (Terry Gilliam was supposed to direct, I believe), but it got stuck on development hell or something? :huh:

This would be a brilliant movie, they should totally make it :(

Any fans of the book in here?

I love the book, but honestly after Hitchhiker's Guide, I'd rather it not be made. Unless BBC or Edgar Wright did something with it.

Really sucks about Terry Pratchett though.
Damn funny book. I read it back in college when I finally got around to reading The Sandman and thought "this Gaiman fellow is a damn good writer" and then began reading some of his other comics and his novels.

It also got me interested in Pratchett's Discworld series, though I'm having a hard time finding a bookstore in town with a copy of each book in the series.
Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame has been attatched to direct this for some time now. From what I understand there is even a script out there, not word on if it will ever be made though. If it was it would be a great movie. It is one of my favorite books by Neil Gaiman next to Neverwhere ( which would also make a great movie)
Awesome book. One of the few that's actually made me laugh.

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