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Mar 20, 2006
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I know this is not exactly "fan art", but it is really related.

I'm wondering where everyone is getting their skills from. I know there is a lot of talent floating around these forums but i also know that without some basic knowledge of certain mediums an arist struggles . . . I learned that the hard way when I first tried to draw on my comp.

So, what tutorials have you found effective? (maybe post sites?)
Tutorials are good, but I've always preffered the books. Some of them are linked on my website under 'recommended stuff' but here's a list of some of my favoire books/authors.

George Bridgeman. His Life Drawing and Constructive Anatomy books have been invaluable.

I'm usually not a big fan of Christopher Hart books but his Dynamic Anatomy book is really good.

The entire line of DC Comics Guide books are just awesome. Authored by some really fantastic artists and writers. Deffinately the most impressive How-To books I've ever seen.

Perspective for Comic Book Artists is a good book, written like a giant comic book and it's very informative.

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