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Audio Capturing Tool


Sep 24, 2005
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I've been looking for an audio capturing tool. I had one before but I forgot what it was called! It was free too... Anyways, if any of you have one, could you capture track 6 for me from this streaming link http://music.tirip.com/g.htm?alid=3344
and then upload the Mp3? If not could you just give me the name of a good program that will let me capture the audio coming out of my speakers?
Google Audacity its a great lil prog
...I know what audacity is but I don't want to EDIT audio I want to capture it from my speakers. I found the old program, it was called River Past Audio Capturing and you get unlimited access for 30 days. I only need it for today!
....... it does capture it from your speakers dumbie...
I am nothing what it comes the multimedia aspect...just dont know much about it. Sorry cant help here
You need a microphone, but yes, Audacity works for that purpose.
You need a microphone, but yes, Audacity works for that purpose.

:huh: No you dont.... (you can but not for what he wants)

Audacity works by capturing what ever is playing via your soundcard so if you download it, hit record play your song it will capture it, hit stop high light it it save selection as Mp3 and bang your done, use to be the way i got myspace tunes until i figured out a way that gives me 0 lossless :D

anyway audacity can do anything audio wise

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