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Batman 89 comic book?


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Dec 28, 2006
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Is it available to download online or bittorrent? I would really like to see it if it's here. I tried looking at most stores but couldn't find it.
It's out of print. Find it on torrent.
They usually have it at Half Price Books in the back-issue bins; its not particularly good.
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I bought it about 10 or so years ago and thought it wasn't around anymore but amazon still carries it so it's still in print. You also get the sequel adaptations too so it's not a bad buy.
Can someone recommend a torrent site? I'm not too particular on the story, I'm more interested in the pictures drawn. I've seen scans on this forum before
I just want to see the scans of the Batman 89 comic, the one by Jerry Ordway?
Is there (and will there be) A Batman begins or TDK comic?

A BB comic book came out the day the movie came out. It was actually really disappointing. It felt more like a summary of the movie compared to the detail that went into adapting the original 4 movies into comic books. and Denny O'Neil didn't adapt the BB comic, like he did with the others, which might have to do with why it sucked. But Denny did do the novelization.

Hopefully the TDK comic won't suck.

oh yea, just want to add that there were actually 2 versions of the Batman Begins comic. There was the stand alone book, and a special version(not really special, but you know what i mean), that included the BB adaptation and several stories that inspired the film.

To sum up, basically all Batman movie adaptions are s**t.
Thank you so much! The artwork is beautiful, but everyone was right about the story. Many parts cut out. But I love how Ordway draws Joker and Batman in the greatest detail. His Keaton looks like the real thing. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

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