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Batman: Bane?


Nov 1, 2007
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With the success of Superman: Doomsday and how it was a great movie, do people think it'll be a good move to have an animated feature film regarding Batman and his battle against Bane and how Bane almost ended Batman's reign as the Dark Knight?

It could feature Azrael and possibly some B-class villains during the Arkham Asylum breakout.
there are alot more other batman stories I think deserve there own DTDVD movie before Knightfall does.
Kinghtfall would be butchered like Doomsday was. I want a Death in the Family.
Kinghtfall would be butchered like Doomsday was. I want a Death in the Family.

How was Superman: Doomsday butchered? That was a great movie...so, yah, we didn't get to see the Justice League or Superboy or Steel, but it matters with the budget, and seeing the epic Superman/Doomsday battle and the Superman/Superman clone was a great battle too...or I'm just biased, cuz I really liked it, lol.

But a "Knightfall" movie would be pretty sick, imo. Seeing Bane break Batman's back, Azrael come into the scene to bring down villains and mafias and then have him brutally beat Bane would be good to see...and have Batman return and get him and Azrael to fight would be just as good as Doomsday.
Only reason I would be against this is the fact that I want them making more animated shows/movies of other heroes and not Batman and Superman.

I know they are making New Frontier and TT: Judas Contract...but I want them to make more of those kind of movies (not centered around Batman or Superman).
My only request is that if we're gonna move away from TAS continuity, than do so completely. Doomsday bugged me in the fact that it still looked like it belonged in the Timmverse, but it wasn't. If they made a Knightfall DTV flick, animate it in either of the two most prominant artists during the Knightfall event: Jim Aparo or Graham Nolan. And cast the voices according to what fits the art.

If they make a movie about Knightfall, it would have to be multiple parts. Seeing as the event didn't affect the rest of the DCU in any way, they wouldn't have to worry about cutting out other heroes, like they did on Doomsday. But there's so much to it. Bane's origin. Jean-Paul's origin. The Arkham breakout and the breaking of Bruce (Entailing Firefly, Poison Ivy and the kidnapped mayor with Scarecrow and the Joker). Jean-Paul's tenure both pre-and-post taking out Bane. Tim's father getting kidnapped. Shondra being involved in it. Bruce tracking them down around the world. The friction between Paul and Tim, Paul's descent into madness and his own battles in Gotham. Bruce's fight to save Shondra alone and his healing. His re-training with Shiva and then the fight of the Batmen.

Come to think of it, there's so much to it that I would HATE to see it condensed or cut apart.

Forget it, don't adapt it. I don't want a THING left out. Doomsday wasn't butchered, but it begged to be closer to the real story. This is the problem of the animated format, they assume their chief market (kids) won't be into every bit of it. Unfortunately, they're right.

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