The Dark Knight Rises Batman Begins Tumbler Chase vs TDK transport chase vs TDKR climactic chase

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Aug 12, 2009
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Which one do you think is the best and why. Rank them if you want.
Tumbler Chase, Transport Chase, Final Chase.

Tumbler Chase was the start of a legend and just totally awesome. I mean dude was jumping on rooftops. Plus, the theme was great. It was just the most exciting to me. Also, the most where you get to see Batman be at his coolest.
The transport chase had Batman slipping like a goofball even if it was intentional. Should have hit Joker. Or slid the bike into him and took out his legs.
Final chase was just boring actually.
Final chase is indeed boring.

However, my favourite is when he makes his first appearance on the pod in TDKR with all the cops chasing him; the whole scene is great, from saving the hostages, escaping onto the highway, having dozens of cop cars trailing him, all the way to the escape with the Bat.
They all have their good points and bad points.

I like that the lead vehicles don't come to a stop in the middle of TDKR's chase like they do in BB and TDK. We get to see what the Bat vehicle is capable of. And I love the music. What I don't like is the John Blake interruptions--it's totally disconnected from the chase sequence and doesn't belong.

Batman Begins has some awesome music during its chase and I like the concern Batman shows (for Rachel). I "feel" this particular chase perhaps the most viscerally. There's no particular villain involved, just the police. It was pretty novel at the time.

TDK's chase has the Tumbler getting destroyed and the emergence of the Batpod which is cool but stops the action as to a lesser extent does Joker taking over driving duties of the truck. Truck flip was cool. It generally has a lack of music which I don't like but some people do as they think it helps their immersion factor and it was the first to be done in IMAX.
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I think the hostage chase from TDKR should be included here, too.

The TDKR ones are probably my favourite.

TDK's is poorly edited as all ****, to the point where it's almost incoherent... but it's fun!

Batman Begins' scene is classic, but I don't feel it's quite as classic as either of the TDKR chases.

Personally, I think the police chase in TDKR is my favourite. Batman's reappearance, Bane and Batman passing each other and giving a small glance as they do so, Batman standing in the middle of the street as the police swarm and surround him, and possibly my favourite bit: The batpod wheels going sideways. It was so much cooler than it ever was in the rest of the series, I don't know why, but here it just gives me the fanboy feels.
I was going to say the same thing. The hostage chase also has a lot of parallels to the Begins one (both are Batman being pursued by the GCPD, they share music cues, both are shown on the news). Probably my favorite chase of the trilogy too, it just oozes Batman bad-assness.

I still really love the TDK transport chase though. Love the starkness of it and the choice to not use music for a good portion of it. I think for the Joker factor alone I put it over the BB chase, as some of my favorite moments from Heath take place during this scene. The death of the Tumbler + birth of the Bat-pod is such a crowd pleaser too. "Goodbye!"

Batman Begins chase definitely deserves a lot of credit as it is The Tumbler's finest hour, and was the first time a car chase in a Batman movie actually felt like a real movie car chase. It's pretty iconic in its own right. I just think in terms of visuals and pulse-pounding action, the TDKR hostage chase topped it, and I have to put TDK's chase over it too, if only for semi-flip and just for the mere fact that The Joker is firing a rocket launcher during it.

The TDKR climax chase I still need to see again. Every time I've seen the film I'm so beaten down from the previous 2 hours that I don't feel I've been able to properly soak it in. I do know that I love The Bat and it was amazing in action here, but it's almost outside the realm of a car chase and more like a jet vs. anti-aircraft in an urban setting. Definitely the most "Michael Bay" of the TDK Trilogy chases.
It's a tie between the TDK chase and Rises Cop Chase.

TDK's chase is pure adrenaline with a heavy amount of risk towards the characters (Harvey and Joker). The lack of music is fantastic, the Batpod deploy is memorable and awesome. The Joker is captivating and it all culminates beautifully with the truck flip and the Batman/Joker showdown.

Rises, on the otherhand, is exciting and Batman-wise, badass. It has some of the best visuals and music of the trilogy's action scenes. Batman has some of his most awesome moments, such as his initial return and the billowing cape shot over the knockdown biker. And, my personal favourite part, the shots of Batman being swarmed and the shots of Batman charging headlong, straight into the police. Something else that is awesome? Batman doesn't speak a single word the whole chase.
The best parts of TDK's chase are better than anything in BB or TDK's chases.
Having said that, there are some things in it that always pull me out of it (Batman blatantly killing that truck driver, the kids shooting fake guns).

As an overall scene, BB's chase is the best in the entire trilogy.

I agree with those who say that the final TDKR chase scene is boring.
Love all three, but TDKR's final chase scene takes the cake. It was better shot and the Bat and Batpod were in it, my two favorite bat vehicles.
Transport chase
Tumbler chase
Final chase

The TDK transport chase is my favorite action sequence of the trilogy.
TDK chase is the best by a long way. TDKR's one nearly put me to sleep. Begins one was ok but lacked a lot of wow moments.
First chase in TDKR out of any from all the films. But out of those three, I'd probably tie it between TDK, for how cool the Batpod ejection sequence was, and TDKR because it was a total 'oh snap' moment when the Bat leads the heatseekers around the city and then they end up blowing up the Tumbler that shot them.
It's hard to mess with TDK transport scene. It was just so so good.
TDK transport scene edges it for me over BB Tumbler chase. TDKR I have to see again to truly appreciate it. Although seeing it for the first time in IMAX definitely kicked my butt.
Tumbler Chase blows them all away. The action, the music, everything is mixed just right. I'd rank the Bat-pod/Cop chase when Batman first appears in TDKR second, then the Final chase, then transport.

The transport chase is so poorly edited and quiet that I barely enjoy it. The minor edit of the same cop appearing twice in the BB chase doesn't bother me as much.
The transport chase wins this because it had all the fantastic elements. The Tumbler was used of course, but then we saw the majestic scene of the Bat-pod racing out of the wreckage from the Tumbler to go back to the chase to stop Joker. And let alone, Joker's slaughter truck was awesome.

Then it would be the Tumbler chase in BB and then the final chase in TDKR. I have nitpicks for both scenes and the final chase scene in TDKR felt just a little sloppy.
First chase in TDKR out of any from all the films. But out of those three, I'd probably tie it between TDK, for how cool the Batpod ejection sequence was, and TDKR because it was a total 'oh snap' moment when the Bat leads the heatseekers around the city and then they end up blowing up the Tumbler that shot them.

That should be in the poll rather than the final chase scene. The cops going after Batman was an amazing scene. Albeit a short scene, but it's the quality more than the quantity.
Joker knocking the SWAT truck into the river. Blasting Cop cars away like toys. The Tumbler mashing the garbage truck. Joker destroying the Tumbler. Birth of the Bat-Pod. The helicopter being knocked out of the air. Batman flipping Joker's truck.

So many cool moments in the transport chase. The best.
If the scene where Batman comes back (Rises) is considered a chase , then that would be my choice.

Out of the three , definitely the Transport scene.
Personally, I prefer the "return" of Batman chase scene in TDKR over the Bat chase at the end. It's one of the few times in this series that Batman had that mythical vibe to him that I love. How the lights flicker before we see him and we hear that familiar Batpod sound, how he dupes the police with the Bat, hell, I even count him saving Catwoman as part of that scene, it was all marvelous and a very close second. But it has to be TDK transport for me.

I remember watching it after he crashed the Tumbler thinking "now how in the hell is he going to get back to the cave in time to grab that bike contraption and catch the Joker?" And when the one wheel started spinning it was such a "a-ha!" moment I laughed out loud literally.

The lack of music up until the Batpod explodes from the Tumbler was a neat touch, the truck flip, the Joker/Batman standoff, honestly that might be my single favorite scene of the trilogy.
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The Transport wins it. I remember all the scenes so vividly. I mean just starting from where Joker blasts the police officer without thinking twice. The Tumbler coming out of nowhere and lifting the garbarge truck, and ironically dumping it. The Batpod came as a big surprise when I first saw the flick in theatres. And then the flip of the tractor trailer. Doesn't get any better than that.

I like the scene in TDKR, but I wish the the Tumblers were bit more badass like in the previous films. No jumping, no crashing through buildings. Other than the missile launchers, they didn't do anything but patrol. And I didn't like the design of the Bat, but its functionality was impressive in the movie, especially when it dodges the missile from point blank range.

The Tumbler scene was good in BB because you really got a chance to feel the speed, rush, thrill and power of the Tumbler. And having the DVD, its a special treat watching the whole concept in special features
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It's nice to see such a variance in opinion. Gordon's reaction to seeing the tumbler. . . Unforgettable.The roar of the engine and the raise in pitch as it pancakes that first cop car. . . So sweet. That chase is the best paced in my opinion but I'd say the tdk takes the cake for sheer spectacle alone despite some Editing issues. I'm a bit surprised that so many think tdkr chases are in the same league. I mean the rolling blackouts and first seeing batman again was sweet but I thought it fell flat besides. The final chase was anticlimactic IMO because banes fate was already sealed. I was just waiting for it to be over to see how the movie resolved. Also the bat not moving at all but not getting hit by the tumblers initial shots took me out of the movie. I think tdkr chases were easily the worst. Maybe nothing's wrong with them I just didn't enjoy them as much.
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