Batman:Dead End 10 year documentary

Holy crap it's been that long, I've done so little of my life in those 10 years :(
Wow, this guy, Sandy, really needs to let this go. Yeah, it was a cool Batman fan film. But Sandy has this delusion that it was such a significant movie that changed and influenced the way studios viewed how they handled comic book movies. It didn't. One thing that it did do was influence and encourage a whole generation of wannabe filmmakers to flood youtube with horrible fan films. Sandy had his time in the sun. Nothing came out of it other than the circle jerk from obese comic book fans. But at least he tried. He just needs to stop his quest to make it out to be something bigger than it really was.
It was a good for a fan film and pretty fun. But I couldn't see how certain people were saying "its the best representation of Batman ever".
I thought it was okay. Until it got to the Joker parts and Batman spoke. Then it was straight up stupid. As for the rest...

Surely nobody would actually be interested in this doc?

It was a well shot, badly written, horribly acted fan film. I'm surprised anyone still cares enough about it to donate.
How do they have the rights to sell their action figures? I thought they could only get away with using batman as a non-profit film?

Also why are they calling an 8 minute video a "film"?
To be fair, and I say this as someone who disliked Batman: Dead End- a lot, and I mean a lot of fans, especially here, thought Dead End was a big deal. This came out two years before Begins, when we were knee deep in pop culture seeing Batman as Schumacher status. It made some people take notice and see that dark Batman could still be done on film, especially after most fans had given up hope in the early 2000s.

I still get shivers thinking about people posting the Dead End costume and demanding that Nolan follow it.

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