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Jon Schnepp Wants to Make "Superman Lives" Documentary


Mar 26, 2008
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I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in the Superman boards. But I suppose the mods could always move it.

Anyway, Jon Schnepp (who's directed episodes of Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros.) has launched a Kickstarter to make a documentary of what went wrong during the production of "Superman Lives" and why it never happened. He wants to interview the graphic artists, the costume designers, and he even wants to try and interview Tim Burton, Kevin Smith, and Jon Peters. And if he raises enough funds, he'll do some choice re-enactments from the script.
This documentary sounds like a dream come true for any film/comic book fan and I think it needs to happen. What do you all think?
If we could get smith and burton in the same room to talk about this movie...I'd buy the movie twice.
i'd be so down to watch it just for its comedic value
I would love to see this especially if they get interviews with Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage. This film was so close to being made that Burton has even commented that he made the film only they forgot to film it.

I still that if we got this in 1998 it would've made, if not a better film, a more entertaining film than Superman Returns and would've resurrected Superman's big-screen career.
Kevin's Smith script was boss. It had huge epic fights. It had the Justice League!!! It had Superman's array of villains. And basically - for those who haven't read it - if you love Kevin Smith's comic books, chances are you would love what he did with the script. It would have cost A LOT of money though but definitely would have been worth it.
Kevin Smith's script is not bad (He hooked me with Deadshot at the beginning). It could have been better, but it wouldn't have made a bad film in itself. There's a lot to like about any version of this project.

Unless he's making a documentary miniseries...not interested.

There's too much to this story, and too many versions of the script/story and production for a single documentary film to do this justice.
i believe that Michael Keaton was also suppose to make a cameo as Bruce Wayne
If he gets to go all out and actually film scenes from the script, I'll defiantly watch.
I'm in. Cage must narrate. In his intended suit.
Hey dudes. I'm Rob Pierce, co-producer of The Death of 'Superman Lives': What Happened? We are actually in post-production for the film right now, and are about to launch the second trailer on Monday this coming week, via Thunderclap - http://thndr.it/Ve8XaL It's pretty amazing. If you'd like to support the film, including helping us shoot recreation scenes, head to www.supportsupermanlives.com All support is appreciated, the film is awesome and well worth it! Cheers!
Ermorden sounds great!
WB needs to make Superman Lives into an Animated ful length movie. Get Nick Cage and Michael Keaton to Voice Superman and Batman! Tim Burton can direct it*
Id pay to see that in a heartbeat!
Im sure a lot of fans would to.
Could you convince them like the Turtle Power guys did getting promotion from Paramount editing a new cut of the first Turtles movie?
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We will see what happens, for sure. The reach of this documentary on the death of Superman Lives! will definitely affect how much we can motivate people to revisit the story. Oddly enough, in the Kevin Smith version of the script, Superman (Nic Cage) and Batman (Michael Keaton) were going to appear in the movie together. Would have been the first appearance of both characters in a feature film. Cheers Old Greg, thanks for the support!
I got to watch this on the big screen last night. Here's my review:

Every time Jon Peters talks, you can just tell that he’s the type of guy who has never had anyone say “no” to him, no matter what kind of stupidity came out of his mouth. I remember watching the clips of him talking about “street fighting” in this Superman Lives documentary and I realized that Kevin Smith’s description of him was way too kind. :funny:

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