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Jul 28, 2003
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I remember circa '98/'99 little 10 year old dude love being a lurker on the internet and reading rumours of a radio play based on Knightfall (Those three really big Batman comics I'd probably never read because they must've cost something insane like $20!). The internet being young at the time, there wasn't anyway it could be fact checked, a lot of people didn't believe it existed, the closest we had to Google and Wikipedia back then was Ask Jeeves. I became obsessed with trying to find it one hour, a day at a time, because dial up. I never did.

15 years later, on my ipad, I searched Batman on iTunes and lookey what came up? It literally took me 10 seconds.

It's three hours long, I'm up to 1:54:00. I've been listening to it in 20 minute instalments, with my little sister, while driving her home form school.

Really fun times. The voice cast is doing a great job capturing the insanity of Gotham going straight to hell. Michael Gough voices Alfred, which makes me feel like a kid again. The guy who does Batman sounds similar to Kevin Conroy, so it's like TAS Batman talking to Burton Alfred!

Probably my only complaint is that it's rushing over the story too much. I only got an hour and six minutes left for Jean-Paul Valley to go insanely violent, defeat Bane, Bruce to recover, retrain, gain his confidence back, defeat Valley and become Batman again.

I'm sure a lot of you guys have listened to this. What did you guys think of it? Anyone hear it on BBC at the time?
I had them on cassette back when it first came out they also did one called Superman Lives from the death and life of superman story arc.
I need to get this, its been long time since I read the comic. I would love to see this made i to animated movie like Y1 and TDKR.

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