Nov 13, 2004
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Anyone read the two crossover issues where these two team up?What did you think of them?Personally, I loved both of them. Felt the two characters worked well with each other, and enjoyed the overall stories too.
Yeah I got both. Batman is my Favorite character and Spidey is my second favorite!

I thought the one with Kingpin/Ras Al Ghul was better than Joker/Carnage althought the Joker (as usual) had some great scenes.
This is my absolute favorite comic of all time. For years, I also wished that Batman and Spider-Man would team up because they are my two favorite comic book heroes of all time.

So when the time came, I was so excited to get it. "Disordered Minds" perfectly blended Batman and Spider-Man. Despite their big differences, they share a common tragedy. The story was simple but effective. Bringing Joker and Carnage.

Even if it was a poorly written story (which it wasn't), the art was also amazing. I can't describe in words how perfect each page was.
I thought both were wonderful and well written, and both had great artwork as well. I agree that the second one (with Kingpin/Ras Al Ghul) was a little better, since I felt we got to see Spidey and Bats interact more with each other than they did in the first one.
I liked the story to the Kingpin/ Ra's Al Ghoul one, but the art to the Joker/Carnage was awesome. I believe it was Bagley so of course it was good, I got these sometime ago but does anyone know when they came out originally?

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