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Battlestar Galactica SPINOFF in the Works


Jul 19, 2002
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SCI FI announces Galactica spin-off!

by Darren Sumner

By the Lords of Kobol ... The SCI FI Channel has stunned fans today with the announcement of Caprica, a spin-off series from its top-rated Battlestar Galatica. SCI FI calls the potential new show "television's first science fiction family saga," centering on the history of the Adama family and the birth of the Cylons.

Set more than 50 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica takes place on the capital world of the Twelve Colonies. There humankind thrives, living in a peaceful society with the benefits of high technology. But the development of an advanced, robotic, artificial life form is about to change everything.

The show is in development by Galactica executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, 24 writer Remi Aubuchon, and NBC Universal Television Studio.

Here is the network's own description of the series:

The people of the Twelve Colonies are at peace and living in a society not unlike our own, but where high-technology has changed the lives of virtually everyone for the better. But a startling breakthrough in robotics is about to occur, one that will bring to life the age-old dream of marrying artificial intelligence with a mechanical body to create the first living robot -- a Cylon. Following the lives of two families, the Graystones and the Adamas (the family of William Adama, who will one day become the commander of the Battlestar Galactica) Caprica weaves corporate intrigue, techno-action and sexual politics into television's first science fiction family saga.

The announcement comes as part of SCI FI's development slate of original scripted series, mini-series, reality shows, and new late-night programming, with no word on when Caprica might go into production or premiere on the cable channel. The development slate is a long-look ahead at what the network has planned and likely not a formal pick-up of the show -- and some series, for one reason or another, never see the light of day.

If the show receives an order to go into production, certainly don't expect to see it air this year.

Count on GateWorld to continue to follow developments as they happen. The third season of Battlestar Galactica premieres this October on SCI FI.

Sounds great! But I think it would be better if this was a mini-series instead about the First Cylon War.

I do hope that Caprica focuses on the First Cylon War. And they can bring back variations on the Old Cylons, Basestars, Vipers, and Colonial Warrior uniforms.

I also hope that William Adama plays a bit part, since he would be very young, and we could perhaps watch him grow and develop into a young pilot/warrior as the series progresses. But I would rather see this show be about other characters and Colonial society since we don't get to see much of that on BSG. I really would like to see the conditions that made Tom Zarek choose to become a terrorist for example.

It could also be a nice avenue to bring in more Old BSG actors in guest roles or maybe starring roles.
Sounds interesting. It would be cool to see the old style Cylons and such. Though, I agree, I think it would work better as a miniseries first.
cool, but I'm sick and tired of prequels...

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