Because the fans demanded it, Hollow Man 2

I read a review, I think it was at, that said it was actually not bad. Apparently there aren't enough effects though.
GoldGoblin said:
I want Deep Blue Sea 2
Now that's what i want to see!:up:

That along with Dog Soldiers 2.
I did. And definitely bring back the Mitra. She made the first movie worth watching.
I kinda liked the first Hollow Man, but it didn't need a sequel.
I'm looking forward to this film. I have the first one on DVD. It was a fun movie.

Oh, they are making a Dog Soldiers sequel. It picks up after the last one with the guy and the dog. It's called Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat. This time the guy and dog meet up with some American SF who had been playing war games in that area with the British. It's slated for release in 2007.
Neil Marshall wont be doing D2 though, and i doubt that Kevin will take up the role of cooper again
Dog Soldiers 2? wow.

from bad to worse, welcome to your DVD shelf.
I wouldn't be surprised if Hollow Man 2 was better than the first movie.
This movie looks OK.
The first one was crap, so this might be better.

cyborg ninja 14 said:
Whats with Kevin Bacon movies that make sequels without him? Youve got this, Wild Things 2, Tremors sequels, ect.
I guess he's a one-night stand kind of guy. :(
as a kid i always got them confused...

and i liked deep blue sea..:(

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