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Jul 12, 2004
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did anyone see this movie:huh: :huh: :huh:

it been getting "C" reviews.......

should i see it?...
the commercials arent too funny... im afraid the movie might suffer from the same shrek3
My friend wants to see it, so I might see it tonight.

I'm not too interested in it though, it doesn't look dat gude.
Haven't seen it yet. But I did see Jerry Seinfeld at the launch of the video game in NYC earlier this week. :up:
Now me, I liked it. I thought it was funny, because the humor was just so abstract and off the mark, like most of the episodes of his show were. The celebrity cameos during the trial and the scene introducing all the bee newscasters with bee puns in their names except the Asian one were the two points I did laugh for a good minute afterwards. The kids were kinda restless during the scenes where Barry wasn't attempting to escape getting killed by something, but it somewhat works on both of the levels.
The title should have warned everyone.

a B movie.
I ended up seeing it, and it was a pleasent surprise. It was really pretty good/funny. I mean, it's a simple movie, with alot of cheesy kids humor, but there's good stuff too.
I thought it was an alright movie. There were some REALLY funny parts, but for the most part, it lacked a real cohesive story. I mean, it was easy to follow, but the goal of the main character seemed to change every 15 to 20 minutes which was slightly jarring. Also I faced the problem of kids in a theater.

This was one of the worst experiences I've ever had watching a movie. A little kid screaming in front of me for the last third of the movie. People asked the woman to take her kid out but she refused. There was a whole group of people afterwards asking for their money back and Regal Cinemas wouldn't do anything about it because we sat through the whole thing. Oh, and their matinee price is now 9.50.

I'd say, unless you are seeing it late at night or on a weekday, this movie just isn't worth watching in theaters, and even then, it's probably not worth your 10 bucks. Wait til you can rent it or watch it on TV. It's cute, but not nearly as good as some of the other animated films this year.
Trailers looked painfully unfunny... I'll pass.
I think this was Dreamworks best picture. I enjoyed this more than Shrek.

I loved Patrick Warburton. Lol..."WHY DOES YOGURT DAY HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT!" lol :D

Ray Liotta cameo was great.
I've yet to see it, but I read a review that said Seinfeld in a way needs the cynical humor of Larry David to sort of ground him. Any truth in that?
I don't think there's much room for cynical in a kid's movie.
People just get Dreamworks and Disney mixed up constantly. Hence why so they're making so much money...they think it's Pixar.
I've yet to see it, but I read a review that said Seinfeld in a way needs the cynical humor of Larry David to sort of ground him. Any truth in that?

That's probably pretty true. Some of the one liners were great but the story and story structure was pretty terrible.

One good thing I can say is that the animation was quite inspiring. The attention to detail (and the shifting perspective from Human POV to Bee POV helped highlight this a lot) was phenomenal.
I think fans of Seinfeld would like it for the most part, as it strays into more dialogue driven humor than slapstick later on in the movie. Observational humor at that. "Why do women wear toe rings?" Very good question.
So how is the movie doing?Making money?I doubt there is any other films for children,so people will see it.

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