Behold the Blowasaurus


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Jun 10, 2006
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WASHINGTON - Perhaps it was one of those eureka moments, when the scientists realized they had discovered a new dinosaur with mouth parts designed to vacuum up food.

The 110 million-year-old plant eater, discovered in the Sahara Desert, was to be unveiled Thursday by the National Geographic Society

Discoverer Paul Sereno named the elephant-sized animal Nigersaurus taqueti. Sereno, a National Geographic explorer-in-residence and paleontologist at the University of Chicago, said the first evidence of Nigersaurus was found in the 1990s and now researchers have been able to reconstruct its skull and skeleton.

While Nigersaurus' mouth is shaped like the wide intake slot of a vacuum, it has something lacking in most cleaners — hundreds of tiny, sharp teeth to grind up its food.
The 30-foot-long Nigersaurus had a feather-light skull held close to the ground to graze like an ancient cow. Sereno described it as a younger cousin of the North American dinosaur Diplodicus.
Its broad muzzle contained more than 50 columns of teeth lined up tightly along the front edge of its jaw. Behind each tooth more were lined up as replacements when one broke off.

Using CT scans the researchers were able study the inside of the animal's skull where the orientation of canals in the organ that helps keep balance disclosed the habitual low pose of the head, they reported.
Nigersaurus also had a backbone consisting of more air than bone.

"The vertebrae are so paper-thin that it is difficult to imagine them coping with the stresses of everyday use — but we know they did it, and they did it well," Jeffrey Wilson, assistant professor at the University of Michigan and an expedition team member, said in a statement.

The dinosaur's anatomy and lifestyle were to be detailed in the Nov. 21 issue of journal PLoS ONE, the online journal from the Public Library of Science, and in the December of National Geographic magazine.


What a coincidence...that was this one chick's nickname when I went to Purdue. :o
Its named after a country in Africa. Nothing there to go after.

I thought somebody was starting a derogatory thread on one of our female posters.
Get yer head outta the gutter.

Blowasaurus. Watch out, Superhead.
Its nose is shapped like a vaccuum. :dry:

While Nigersaurus' mouth is shaped like the wide intake slot of a vacuum, it has something lacking in most cleaners — hundreds of tiny, sharp teeth to grind up its food.
That...that makes no morphological sense... :huh:
[jormugand] some people say the word dinosaur has a "D" in it [/jormugand]
Same here dude. Lol. The dino must give some pretty good head.

Yes, with the thousands of tiny teeth, grinding away on your phallus.

On the top of the fact that its a, you know, ****ing dinosaur.
yeah, lol, it was a joke dude. :up:

I can just see the blowasurus giving it to a T-Rex all night long to "let's get it on." Lol.
again, 19-20... and yeah they're sex jokes and sex is something great and can also be hilarious as well. The fact that their calling a dinosaur a blowasaurus is hilarious... come on, can't be the only guy that thought "blow job" when reading the title of the post- or my mind must be in the gutters today after class...
Maybe raptors were the pimp mac daddies of the day maintaining the blowasaurus business?

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