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Oct 23, 2002
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Not I know that a lot of people on the Hype don't like hip-hop, but there are some that do. So, for anyone who's seen any, what do you think was the best movie that had anything to do with hip-hop?

I personally like the old-school hip-hop movies like Krush Groove and Beat Street.
I think Krush Groove is perhaps the best hip-hop movie. The array of talent in that movie is awesome.

I also liked the first Breakin' movie. Never really could get into Beat Street. Old school is definitely the best.
Clockers, but only because of 'People In Search Of A Life'.

Seriously, the song is the ****:up:
I'm ashamed to say I've haven't seen Hustle & Flow yet.
Well as the Hip Hop king I believe it goes like this:

1. Juice
2. Wild Style (you all ****ed up for not mentioning both these classics)
3. Krush Groove
4.Beat Street
5. 8-Mile (sorry haters)
6. Hustle and Flow

Other Hip Hop movies that werent about Hip Hop but still so damn Hip Hop ( In no Order)
1. Friday
2. Menace II Society
3.Boyz in da Hood
4. Do the Right Thing
5. Panther
6. Malcom X
7. Higher Learning
8. Above the Rim
9. New Jack City
11. Paid in Full
12. How High
13. School Daze
14. Jungle Fever
15. In too Deep
16. Clockers
17. Scarface (inspiration)
18. Godfather pt. 1-3 (inspiration)
19. Rhyme and Reason
20. The Show
Hustle & Flow.

8 Mile was pretty good too, but nothing to the ones above.
I can't pick a favorite. I'll have to come back to this.
I can't believe CB4 and Fly By Night aren't getting any love!!
CB4 was funny but it wont no real Hip Hop movie just a parody. A clasic one but still
I'm curious, by Hip-Hop movie I thought we were just discussing films that dealt with hip-hop on some level, like Krush Groove, Beat Street, Juice, Hustle & Flow, or Get Rich or Die Tryin'?

I mean, if you're talking about 'hood pics, then you've got to go with Menace II Society, New Jack City, Dead Presidents, and Boyz In the Hood. Scarface is honorary.
dmcnx said:
Clockers, but only because of 'People In Search Of A Life'.

Seriously, the song is the ****:up:
The opening credits of that movie freaked me out.

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