Biggest year yet?


Feb 15, 2003
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In 2003, Marvel fans had a huge year with the release of 3 of their characters' films. 2007 seems to be shaping up the same way with Ghost Rider, Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four 2 on the agenda. Does anyone know if there might be any other Marvel movies out next year to top 2003?
4 Marvel films in one year would be so great!
Punisher 2 might be. They've been trying to get that one made on the quick for a couple years now. The plan was to release it December 2006 I think, but Thomas Jane said the script wasn't good enough. But if they find a good script soon, that one wouldn't take very long to shoot. So that could end up being a 2007 movie too although it probably won't.
Ghost Rider, Spidey 3, Fantastic Four 2, Punisher 2 That`s a Great List.:up::up::ghost::spidey::ff::unishr:

The Transformers Movie does count like MARVEL Movie?
^I don't think Transformers would count as a Marvel film.
Transformers isnt Marvel.

And Yes 07 is gonna rock with great Superhero films.

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