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May 5, 2005
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2006: X3, Last Stand
2007: Ghost Rider, Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four 2
2008: Hulk 2, Iron Man
2009: Captain America

Marvel's future is looking a whole lot brighter than it did even one week ago. I thought we were going to slowly transition into the Marvel Studios era with low budget films like Shang Chi, and Nick Fury. Now it's looking like those films may not ever be neccesary. IMO, films with more blockbuster potential such as Thor and Namor will find their way to the front of the line before PowerKids does.

I would imagine that one of the XMen spinoffs (Wolverine or Magneto) will be added to 2008 or 09 as well.

If Punisher 2 isn't done by then, I assume it means Marvel gets the rights back to that one as well.

What about Spiderman? How many years do they have to make Spiderman 4 before they lose the rights? I assume Sony would prefer to keep pumping out movies than lose the rights, so that movie will probably anchor 2009 or 10.

Things are looking good!
Wolverine is expected to come out in 2007. Nick Fury will also come out around 2008/2009

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