Biology of Heroes


Jul 28, 2004
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Here's a theory on the neurobiological origin of the Heroes:

Fundamentally, all Hero powers can be regarded as simply different manifestations of the same base ability. That ability is the possession and unconscious manipulation of a biology-altering EM field. The origin of the Heroes lies in the brain. The four gene complex responsible for the Heroes causes them to have certain anatomical characteristics in their brains that baseline humans don't have. Heroes have several new neurotransmitters, unique neural wiring, and wholly new organelles in the neurons. This special neuroanatomy causes the brain to create a special electromagnetic field that exist as a semi-sentient energy-based lifeform. The lifeform takes form as an energy pattern linked to the natural electromagnetic field of a Hero's body. Since the EM field lifeform permiates a Hero's entire body, it innately possesses an intrinsic understanding of all aspects of physiology (including DNA) to a degree that is beyond human comprehension. The semi-sentience of the EM field is tied into a Hero's own consciousness and as a result, its actions are based on the Hero's subconscious will. Because of this connection, at some point in a Hero's life (anywhere from pre-pubescence to early mid-age), the EM field takes signals from the Hero's psychological profile, as well as their individual genetic structure, stress hormones, and immune system messengers to alter the Hero's physiology in way that will imbue them with a superhuman ability that might be useful to that particular Hero in their daily life or at least at the time of their manifestation. This means that every Hero's ability is actually connected to their personality and environment (natural or social).

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