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Nov 29, 2009
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Universal Rewards MAMA Director With BIRD BOX!
Published at: Feb. 26, 2013, 9:38 p.m. CST
Beaks here...
Andy Muschietti is having a pretty nifty 2013. His debut feature, MAMA, is one of the year's top grossing films (the $15-million movie it just hit $70 million at the domestic box office), and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal is locking him up for an adaptation of the soon-to-be-published BIRD BOX.
Written by The High Strung frontman Josh Malerman, BIRD BOX concerns "a blindfolded threesome comprised of a woman and two children who make their way down a river in a seemingly postapocalyptic setting." So it's kinda like THE ROAD on a river. The Hollywood Reporter's "sources" (aka people who stand to gain financially from the project) say it's more reminiscent CHILDREN OF MEN and THE OTHERS - both of which made a lot more money than THE ROAD.
BIRD BOX is out to writers. Scott Stuber, Chris Morgan and Barbara Muschietti (Andy's sister) will produce.
Eric Heisserer in Talks to Draft Universal's Bird Box

Universal Pictures is in talks with screenwriter Eric Heisserer to draft their upcoming Bird Box, The Wrap reports. The film, based on an upcoming book by Josh Malerman, is slated to be directed by Mama helmer Andy Muschietti.

Malerman, part of the rock band The High Strung, is set to publish "Bird Box" in 2014. The plot is said to follow a woman and two children, all of whom travel down a river, blindfolded, surrounded by a seemingly post-apocalyptic environment.

Heisserer is no stranger to horror. His credits include the rebooted A Nightmare on Elm Street, the recent prequel The Thing and Final Destination 5.

Bird Box will be produced by Chris Morgan, Barbara Muschietti and Scott Stuber with Ryan Lewis negotiating to executive produce
Netflix Nabs Bier & Bullock’s “Bird Box”
By Garth Franklin
Wednesday, July 19th 2017 11:12 am

Sandra Bullock is set to star and Oscar-winning Danish helmer Susanne Bier is slated to direct the post-apocalyptic thriller “Bird Box” for Netflix.
Eric Heisserer (“Arrival”) penned the script based on Josh Malerman’s 2013 near future-set novel in which a mother and her two young children are among a small group of survivors after a mysterious alien force has driven the world’s population to deadly violence.
The three must make their way on a terrifying 20-mile rowboat journey while blindfolded, with nothing to rely on but the mother’s wits and the children’s trained ears.
The project was previously setup at Bluegrass Films, but moved to Netflix when Bluegrass’ Scott Stuber took over as film czar at Netflix. Dylan Clark, Chris Morgan and Clayton Townsend will produce and filming aims to begin next month.
Source: THR
So like A Quiet Place but with sight instead of sound. Too bad Bullock already has a movie called The Blind Spot.
Also are Bullock and Paulson supposed to be a couple in this? Because, if so, sign me the **** up.
So like A Quiet Place but with sight instead of sound. Too bad Bullock already has a movie called The Blind Spot.

The novel was out in 2014, so if anything A Quiet Place is like Bird Box with sound instead of sight
This looks pretty good (although this is another trailer that gives away far too much, it feels like) and I'm really intrigued by Susanne Bier doing this type of movie, but it is kind of unfortunate timing that it's coming out soon after A Quiet Place, because the comparisons are inevitable.
Watching it right now and it could kind of be a sequel to A Quiet Place if I didnt know any better. But it's very good.
Yeah. Started watching it.

It's weird because I could see this being an event film in a different era (I mean, a high-concept suspense thriller with Sandra Bullock starring and directed by an Oscar winner?) but it's so odd to just start casually streaming it on your Netflix the day it releases.

So far the pacing of the film has been very strange, and the writing feels a bit off (not in a dumb way but more in a "trying too hard" kind of way)...

We'll see how it goes but no way I'm not gonna finish it. It's got Malkovich!
Yeah the cast is very good. But the cinematography is lacking.
I found this to be pretty disappointing. Sandra Bullock is fantastic in it, and I really liked the Trevante Rhodes character, but I didn't care for any of the other characters who for the most part were just selfish *******s. All I could think while watching this was that AQP did it a lot better and was way more satisfying IMO.

I liked this a lot. I’m not entirely sure how the evil entity in this works; obviously if you look at it, you’re ****ed but there are other questions I have. But it works really well as a suspenseful, apocalyptic thriller and Bullock, Rhodes and Malkovich knock it out of the park with their performances. It does feel similar to A Quiet Place in some spots but it’s really closer to The Happening, only it doesn’t completely suck and no one in it is horribly miscast like Wahlberg was. It’s definitely worth a watch on Netflix; I think it probably would have been a theatrical release had AQP not come out so recently.
Yeah I can see how someone would find it really similar to The Happening. It's definitely more of a disaster flick than a creature feature which honestly was also a little disappointing in itself, but at least this was nowhere near as bad as The Happening. Sure its somewhat suspenseful in certain scenes, but man did it bother me that we never got a clear understanding or even saw what the hell was causing all this crap to happen.
When they let that one guy in was just the point of stupid I couldn’t return from.

Man don't even get me started on that silly ass scene. That was the point where this movie really started to lose me, and turned into a straight dumb B movie. It was so damn predictable what was going to happen after that.
It’s ok. The beginning is interesting but then falls into cliche and predictable plot points.

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