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Black hole destroys galaxy?!

Cool! I want one! Maybe for Christmas this year! :up:

Supermassive Black Holes are teh awesomeness. :up:
Merry Christmas Death Star Galaxy.... Merry Christmas.:csad:
I've already been spaghettified, thank you.
Doesn't suprise me... galaxies bounce into one another all the time... a lot of them have massive black holes themselves... probably happens alot...
This is great, I now know what theme wall calendar I want. :up:
They don't make it do they? :mad:
It's not that impressive.

Goku could do the same thing with a Kamehameha in his Super Saiyan 4 form. The only difference is that instead of decomposing via radiation, every star and planet in the path of the Kamehameha would be instantly vaporized.

Goku > Lesbian Black Hole
Corinthian™;13562157 said:
that will be my 26th birthday :csad:
Wait a second! It's two days before Christmas!
That's not fair. All this build up and I'll never get those presents!
how do we know we havent been eaten . im scared
"It's like a bully, a black-hole bully punching the nose of a passing galaxy,"

heh, cute
Black hole - 1

Galaxy - 0
Super Mario Galaxy...someone has been playing a bit too much.

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