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Black Panther vs. Cap in #23

Who cares,
Cap's just gonna die at the conclusion of Civil War
And in the Marvel Universe
"Death is death" as we all know :yay: .
Galact-Gal said:
And in the Marvel Universe
"Death is death" as we all know :yay: .
Death is like getting over a cold in the Marvel Universe:yay:
Doesn't anyone remember Maxam??

He's black, powerful enough to go toe to toe with Drax the destroyer :confused:
Yeah but he can't hail a space-cab to get there.
Just so you know of my creativity, I had like 2 other jokes, but they were both racist. I mean, I thought them, you know, that doesn't reflect well on me, but I didn't release them upon the world. That counts for something. Restraint counts. Right?:csad:

One was really good though.:csad:
Considering that its been leaked BP will side with Cap in the following issue, I'm gonna say the cover is yet another classic example of cover bull****.

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