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Bought/Thought.... ZEROS!!!!!!!


Aug 4, 2003
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Alright, so now begins the "0" issues of DCs New 52 and I got two of them along with one Marvel book. Light week but I'll take it.

Defenders 10 - This was a fun issue but about on par with the rest of the series. If this title were still ongoing I'd have dropped it but it's ending with issue 12 so I might as well finish it. I'm mostly... well... entirely... only interested in the Iron Fist/John Aman storyline and I'm glad to see that come back at the end of this issue. We're shown that apparently while the Defenders were lost in time or whatever they were the real 616 was all killed off save Scott Lang by a Celestrial. This will obviously be undone (undoing Black Panther's death as well I'm assuming... and the Living Weapons?!) but I'm curious how it all plays out.

Green Lantern 0 - This is the introduction of the new Green Lantern, Baz, who gets Hal's ring after his "death." Not much to it really Baz is an Middle Eastern-American who's faced tons of racism post 9/11. Now he's caught doing something wrong but it looks like he's been set up to look like he's doing more than he was and he's being profiled... then the ring shows up and busts him out of jail. Eh, good enough beginning. We'll see what happens.

Phantom Stranger 0 - I was drawn to this title because of the hints that the Stranger is actually the same Judas who betrayed Jesus. This issue furthers those hints to make it all but concrete. I find that very interesting. One thing that I did like, but also didn't like, was the creation of the Spectre. I love the Spectre as God's angel of vengeance but now it's looking like he's just the spirit of Jim Corrigan. I mean, I'll see how that plays out but it's a bit wierd to me. And I didn't necessarilly like how it played out. It was too simple or something. All in all though it was a decent issue and I'll give the next few a try. We'll see how the story goes.

Best and Worst of the Week

Best: Defenders 10 - Totally wierd! I've barely liked an issue of this series and this one gets the best of the week... and it wasn't really even that great. I think the week was just very bleh for me and this was the least bleh.

Worst: Green Lantern 0 - Nothing really wrong with this issue... it was just there. I'm not a big fan of "origin stories" and we all know the GL origin. Baz's story didn't feel very amazing or anything... I was just sorta bored. Not bad... but not good either.
Dark Avengers #180-

I have trouble with this storyline because I think the obvious and intended Judge Dredd-esque future is a bit laid thick and thus too cheesy to take seriously.

This book was kind of all over the place, albeit by design, but some stretches of the book seemed rushed and not laid out. Especially when dealing with this "magus" character who is an afterthought and this hard to understand alien threat. The bouncing around between stories/ timelines is just not being done well.

Another issue goes by and I still have no cares for this Dark Roster, who are barely in the book. No attempt to characterize the Dark Versions of Spidey, Hawkeye, or Witch...my guess is they wont be around for long , even if some sort of "dark" lineup survives.Hopefully this will include Skar and Walker, who are good characters.

When everybody seems like they are screwed..in the end, it looks like John Walker approaches a mystery figure who is likely Norman Osborn for help... I can only guess to discover where his Iron Patriot armor is located.
TMNT Micro-Series: Fugitoid: Nooooo, Dr. Honeycutt, not Shredder! Awesome issue. I am loving IDW's attempt to integrate all of the varied Turtles interpretations into one gestalt in the current series. The core of Honeycutt's story--a scientist forced to work for tyrannical overlords against his will who escapes in the body of his robot servant--remains pretty much untouched, but the details are wildly different. Instead of the Triceratons or their enemies using Honeycutt to one-up each other in their intergalactic war, Krang is the one forcing Honeycutt to do research toward the construction of the Technodrome, and the conflict is between the cartoons' Krang and Neutrinos--Honeycutt himself is a Neutrino, in fact, and he has a family... um, for a little while. :csad: Also, the Fugitoid body can shapeshift for short periods now, which allows Honeycutt to hide out on Earth much longer than he did in the original comics. And, as you might've guessed from my opening, he sees the Foot as his path to resisting Krang's conquest of the universe. Interesting setup for the next leg of the ongoing, and I especially like that they recast the Triceraton/Empire (or whatever, I don't remember the other dudes in that war) war as the cartoons' Krang/Neutrino war. Although I do hope we get to see the Triceratons at some point.
PUNISHER #15 : DAMN THIS ISSUE WAS GOOD! Rucka's Punisher book has been fantastic and this issue really brings it all to a crashing, tragic head. Lots of fast-paced "24"-style action, great art, and an ending that will break your heart. Can't wait to see the fallout of this next issue.
Punisher #15 = :awesome:

Amazing Spider-Man #693 = :awesome:

Avengers Academy #36 = :awesome:
I also got The Mighty Thor solely for the JiM crossover. Then I turned to the last page of the book........I don't know what I'm feeling right now? Is it sadness? Anger? A bit of both? All I wanna know is WHY?
What happened in Thor???

I don't wanna buy it cuz fraction's thor irritates me to no end.
But people have been going nuts about this ending, so I wanna know...
Yeah. S'f***ed up. :csad:

Hawkeye #2: I swear, Matt Fraction writes everyone like some kind of alien doing a terrible impression of being a normal human being. This issue started off okay, but by about the halfway mark, I had no idea why anyone was doing any of the things I was seeing. Kate Bishop cavalierly blinds three men, Hawkeye seemingly paralyzes the Ringmaster for life, and then they steal a bunch of money from a bunch of crime bosses and terrorists. What? :huh: I'm gonna go ahead and drop this series and just assume that absolutely everything Matt Fraction writes is trash now. Whatever good will he'd built up with The Immortal Iron Fist has officially run out with this pile of crap. :o
that happened 5+ years ago for me Fraction is a horrible scribe. His Punisher War Journal was dreadful but I gave him a second chance with Thor as I was surprised with liking his one-shots but its been awful too. Would he be a better match at DC?
No, he'd be a better match on creator-owned stuff. He doesn't do well with comics where characters have long, established histories and personalities. And by "doesn't do well," I mean he totally disregards all of that s***. So he might as well stick to his own stuff, where he can come up with whatever he wants with no conflict, or relative nobodies like Iron Fist, where he has the freedom to create a bunch of new backstory elements as he pleases. Basically, his ego's reached Millar proportions, where he doesn't believe paltry nonsense like other writers' decades of work should be allowed to interfere with his narrative masterworks.
Yeah, that sucks about Fraction.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN was really good. I love Max Modell and his reaction to Peter leaving Horizon. Slott has been dropping hints about Peter leaving HL for a while now, and I'm happy to see the result. This Alpha kid sucks, but we're supposed to hate him and he's perfectly fitting the role. He's a punk and I can't wait to see him de-powered and or gone.

I have mixed feelings on MJ. She's been in almost all of the last two issues, which I love, but if she's gonna be his best buddy, and shoulder to cry on, and his motivational speaker, then just put them back together. C'Mon Dan, don't tease me. Put them back together where they belong, or send her away. You can't dangle that carrot in front of me like that. Are they gonna make out in issue 700, but just as friends? "Oops, we shouldn't have done that, MJ." "I know, Peter. What were we thinking?" Oh, I'll be so mad. Sorry we didn't like Carlie, but MJ is way better and you know it! Put them back together. There's no reason not to. And don't give me that Editorial Mandate crap, there are no other chicks in Peter's life. Carlie didn't work, Black Cat didn't work. It make total sense for them to be in a relationship. It always did. C'Mon, dude. Make it happen. I know you want to.
Amazing Spider-Man #693 = a LOT better than part One... the best part about this story thus far is all the cool homages through Spidey's 50 years... and I'm loving the cover to ASM #694... an obvious homage to the Marvel Treasury Edition of Superman Vs Spider-Man from 1976... with Alpha playing the role of Supes...

Venom #24 = again, a LOT better than part One... lots of things coming "full circle" from the Circle of Four storyline... Cullen Bunn is proving to be a worthy succesor to Remender...

Animal Man #0 = need to get caught up with a few issues before reading this...

Swamp Thing #0 = need to get caught up with a few issues before reading this...

I considered it but then they started doing the Micro thing and the last thing I was is another group of books. I buy enough as it is. Plus, if I don't start from the beginning I lose motivation to jump on later :(
He's putting it in his B/T all the time. Open your freakin eyes brah. :o
Nobody else reads IDW's TMNT stuff? :csad:
I'm waiting for IDW to put out a decent trade for it. Although, every time I think of that book, I just think about a friend of mine who kinda got screwed over by it. Kinda taints the perception a bit.
I have it in one of the Ultimate collections IDW's putting out now. I love those things.
Catch up! They're good. I'm surprised at how good they are.
I'll tell ya what happened: Fraction and Gillen are playing with my emotions!

They took one of the most tender, heartwarming moments I've seen in comics recently (I'll give you a hint, JiM #641) and then turned it into a bad dream. It's like they gave me a cute and fuzzy bunny to play with for months then out of nowhere said "Oh BTW, that b**ch got rabies".

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