Box Office Mojo says X3 is number the current poll


Mar 14, 2005
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Nice, over Pirates MI3 and Superman, add this to many sites such as yahoo movies and Coming soon...aniticipation is realy building..

Just a poll but hey..shows people are still very interested
Yes, the amazing trailers have helped and they're only the beginning. We have cast press duties, new trailer and an advertising onslaught
I keep underestimating the anticipation of this movie...

TNC9852002 said:
I keep underestimating the anticipation of this movie...


Me too, it's hard to believe that people other than hardcore fans care about this franchise, but they do.
I've mentioned this before. In the polls I've seen from mexican movie sites X3 has always been winning, with The Da Vinci Code in 2nd place.:up:
Its pretty Clear that the top spots are X3, Da Vinci and Supes Comes Back.

But who knows what could happen, theyve all got pre-tailored followings.

Depends on how good they actually are, and how many repeat viewings the general audience thinks they deserve.

Either way, great month for movies.
it is supriseg how popular the films are, but then again the films atracted me in the first place because it reminded me of being a kid and watching the cartoons, since the=n I have got the whole animated series on DVd and even started collecting the comics.
I'm glad its not just the X fanbase excitied for this movie. Its nice to know that general movie goers are interested as well. I'm not suprised though with bad ass (cheesy!) trailers and great promotional shots.
I voted! LOL. Then if X wasn't there I would of voted for Da Vinci Code or Pirates.
That's awesome that X-Men is Number 1! I'm SOO excited for the movie! Less than one more month!


My little tribute to Angel.​

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