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Jan 17, 2005
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you can skip to the end where it gets good...

Click it
This is a picture of a homeless albino man that many people across Ohio trust to take care of their children. He's not very experienced, but he gives each and every one of them the love he doesn't give to his own children. What he doesn't do though, is eat the children... Because that's mean! :down
What you see him doing is holding a replica of one of his past customers and gesturing you to come on in and join in on the festivities. :up:
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Here's a guy having the time of his life with his monkey...

Yeah, so I did this during study hall... It's a story of a man who lost his son in a freak internet accident. He's now at the swimming pool at the local orphanage looking for a replacement. The only thing is... They all look so good, he wants to take them all. :)

Yes, they're naked... and female.

Just did it on Paint because... I'm bored.
Dude, these are freakin' HILARIOUS!!!!! You should put these on T-shirts or something.
Oh Ok...

This was part of a project I'm doing for my writing class. It's the soundtrack of my life and extra credit is to create a front and back to my CD.. I haven't really started the actual project, but I got the CD cover...

Colored it in Paint...
Crazy stuff you got on here man. Pretty cool too, I like the style. The monkey man one is my fav.

I drew it during the summer. I'm using it on the back of my extra credit cd..

Drew this little sweety yesterday during a field trip bus ride. There's no symbolism in it, so try not to spend too much time looking for any secret meanings. Open to interpretation :heart: .
i really dig your style man. you do these in ms paint or something? You really gotta step it up to Illustrator or Photoshop; it would do your talent justice. :up:
They've been colored and such in MS Paint, but the latest one was my try at Photoshop. But you know... I don't really know what I'm doing.

AHHHHHHHH! the joker pic is so creepy... which im guessing was what you were going for! :) Nice!
Aight Aight. But no, I've never tried that. Thanks for that, though.

F'ing Brilliant Funny ****!!
i LOVE the awkward feet on the guy in the red. you have such a hilarious style.
I don't get things scanned often. So yes, but nothing to show.:gl: :gl: :ww: :gl: :gl:
cool... looking forward to an avalanche of your stuff all at once then.

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