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Brazilian Soccer Ref Decapitated - [Insert Clever Headline Here]


Definitely Not 40
Apr 4, 2004
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Brazilian fans kill, behead referee who killed player

SAO PAULO (AP) -- Police say enraged spectators invaded a football field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body after he stabbed a player to death.

The Public Safety Department of the state of Maranhao says in a statement that it all started when referee Otavio da Silva expelled player Josenir Abreu from a game last weekend. The two got into a fist fight, then Silva took out a knife and stabbed Abreu, who died on his way to the hospital.

The statement issued this week says Abreu's friends and relatives immediately "rushed into the field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body."

Local news media say the spectators also decapitated Silva and stuck his head on a stake in the middle of the field.

Police have arrested one suspect.
I just... that's ****ing brutal.
Holy crap. That is way way too intense
Seriously, how f***ed up is that in this game, the REF is carrying a knife!?!?! I swear, soccer has some f***ed up brutal fans!
I was thinking of posting that same picture wow.
Jeez. That's as bad as the Syrian rebel leader who took a bite of a dead enemy's heart. Humans suck. :csad:
God damn man. Soccer is serious business
Yeah, soccer is serious business. It's unfortunate how many people lose their lives around the world due to how idiotic people are. I don't blame the sport, but fans of soccer are more insane than people of any other sport.

Even worse, there's also huge amount of overt racism in the sport too, especially towards African and Muslim players in European competitions where fans would come in with Nazi flags, and throw peanuts and bannanas at the players.

I remember many years ago a Colombian goal-keeper was killed for accidentally scoring a self-goal during a World Cup match with the US. People are nuts.


There was also Heysel Stadium disaster in which Liverpool fans tried to breach a wall protecting Juventus fans the wall ended up collaspsing, killing 39, and injuring 600.
In the comments of Sawyer's link, there was a link to the Brazilian site that had pictures. My god.....
Be careful on the Internet. Things you see you can't unsee.
The second worst way one could defile a corpse. Terrible.
And yet people want to complain about the "thugs" in the NFL and the NBA.

Do thugs have to be mutually exclusive to one sport?
I find it ironic how soccer players will fall to the ground and writhe in pain after lightly brushed by another player, but the fans will stone and quarter referees. Weird sport.
That's why I watch less-violent sports like American football; no knives on the field and no decapitating referees even when they blown stupid calls in the Superbowl.
That's why I watch less-violent sports like American football; no knives on the field and no decapitating referees even when they blown stupid calls in the Superbowl.

We have some incidents of fan-on-fan violence at American sporting events but never the sort of mass carnage that breaks out occasionally in other countries. Sometimes I think that is because the sports we enjoy are generally much more physical and entail contact between players, so our aggression is displaced onto the teams instead of occurring in the stands as much as in other places. When violence does occur around games it tends to involve individual drunken louts or at worst small groups, rather than crowds rioting, stampeding or tearing people apart like animals.
Do you think that American football or basketball fans would ever do that to an official?

No, I don't. But just because soccer hooligans are worse, does that mean we should ignore violence or riots caused by other sports? That's what I got from Nell's post.
Love the over welding moral superiority pat on the back most are giving themselves in this thread.

"Ohh such brutes glad I have nothing to do with such lowly sports"

Oh bugger off, yes it's a tragedy and horrific buts its also a minority. It's also ****ing brazil a country that is well known for going bat **** over all they're sports

You don't hear story's about this from France, Germany, Denmark, all major football country's

If we were to flip the stereotype in use here all American football fans would be drugged up jocks who had hobbies I'm rape and dog fighting.:whatever:
With the things that has been going on in Brazil lately I would be very nervous now if I was in charge for FIFA World Cup next year.

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