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    Are the Fallen, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Sentinal Prime brothers?

    in the first one optimus says that megatron is his brother.

    in the revenge of the fallen optimus says to the fallen "they were your brothers too".

    and sentinal has the last name prime. maybe thats why megatron was able to kill optimus in the second one. i'm a bit confused about the "descendants" aspects of the transformers movies. also, this pertains to dotm, if the decepticons were winning the war and in control, was it really that important for megatron to leave? megatron needed the cube to find the matrix of leadership for the fallen so the fallen could become more powerful, but if the decepticons were already in control, it seems kind of pointless. unless i'm missing something lol.
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    And when someone says that's 'cool' they mean that it is actually cold. I think you are taking things too literally. I don't think Sentinal and Optimus are brothers in the sense of ancestry but brothers in the sense of bond.
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    But I think it would have been cool and done away with some plot holes if in DOTM, Starscream would have been the guy who had masterminded Sentinel Prime's defection. That would have given something for Megatron to do also, because ever since the first film (where he was hyped up so well as this ultimate, unstoppable force) he hasn't really done much but be someone's lackey and then chill rocking a hoodie like a sad teen. It also would have pleased Starscream fans who wanted to see him act a fool and be treacherous. Just work in how the plan somehow doesn't fly with Megatron, have Starscream kick him out and take lead with Sentinel Prime and then let the whole "brother" emphasis that was big in the first one between Prime and Megatron come into play again and show them fighting side by side against Sentinel and SS.

    Then just have Prime either allow Megatron to go back to the imploding Cybertron to die on his planet like a soldier, or have Megs fall in battle, or just have Prime spit in his mouth and pull his head off cause he's cool.
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    I'd say Sentinel was more of a father figure to Prime, if anything.

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