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Can't BELIEVE CW didn't pick this up!

Dont know what your talking about, looked bad and cheesy to me. But hey thats just my opinion.
i think its a movie and warner brothers has been trying to keep it quite by saying its a show
I thought that it looked really cool! I hope someone picks it up. Maybe Sci-Fi
I'm actually surprised how good that looks. However, I'm still unbelievably glad it wasn't picked up. It did get me interested in seeing an Aquaman movie, though.
Mercy Reef could've been a test to see if audiences will go and see an Aquaman movie...

Aside from that, the trailer looked decent.
I like the look of it, I was actually looking forward to seeing the series, hope someone picks it up.
Could have been interesting. And a young Aquaman series would have worked alot better than a young Superman series, since Aquaman discovering where he's from was a much larger part of his story that it was for Superman.
Why couldn't it go to cable (like Sci-Fi or Lifetime)? That could give it the potential to hav a long run and allow the characters to develope.
dnno1 said:
Why couldn't it go to cable (like Sci-Fi or Lifetime)? That could give it the potential to hav a long run and allow the characters to develope.

Sci-Fi would've been suitable, not mention it seems like a show they'd usually add to their program. As this point Mercy Reef is still a possibility for the CW network, I wouldn't say it's cancelled just yet even if it didn't end up on their schedule.
I am glad it was not picked up. The Aquaman dude looks devoid of personality, tasteless! And the plot seems too much like a Wonder Woman Paradise Island rip off, in my opinion. Why can't they just do an origin Aquaman series parallel to the DC comics?
i liked the trailer, but it looks more for a TV series than it is for a movie.
The concept of the show itself was the same teen soap Smallville angsty wb-crap.

The show would have been an embarassment eventually.
Didn't look nothing special to me. Kinda boring actually.
looks like the usual WB/UPN teenie bop pandering crap.
Looks decent to me for a tv show, though I'd never watch it.
Damn, never got to see it. Now it just says:-

'This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Warner Brothers because its content was used without permission.'

Someone got spanked.
Looks good to me, I want to see it!!!

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