Mercy Reef (Aquaman) Trailer

I just saw it, and all i can say is, thank God it was canned, because it looked awful.

Into the Blue...Aquaman style

I'm on a different computer now so I've seen it. That Aquaman stuff was cool (bermuda triangle, Atlantis), everything else looked pretty much like I was afraid it would. They need to make a cool Aquaman movie and not this Dawson's Creek crap.
ugh,thank god this show was canned. it was going to be another smallville pieceof crap anyways.

and the opening dialogue is sooo freakin cliche.
I still want to see this though. Hopefully it will be a Best Buy exclusive with Smallville season 5 or something.
I agree with Fettastic that the Aquaman stuff was the only cool part. It gives me hope that a Namor or Aquaman movie could kick serious ass, especially since the little bit of action we saw there looked fairly impressive, especially for a TV show.
i thought it looked really good
too bad CW wont pick it up :(
The Joker said:
nevermind, it's gone...but it should still be in the tv section :o
Shouldn't this whole thread be in the TV section?
It looked kind of cool but poor Ving Rhames. I don't see him acting on TV.
It does look pretty bad. And when you give Ving Rhames lines he can't make sound cool, there's something wrong with your show. Sucks, because an AQUAMAN show had potential.
they dropped a flash tv spin-off for that!?
it was actually better than i expected
yeah, this show didn't look like the greatest thing to ever hit network TV, but I have to admit it looks better than I expected. I'd have at least given the Pilot episode a trial viewing.

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