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Jan 16, 2001
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Hey guys i'm kind of a techno dufus and i love going to fanart but recently i can't see any pics??!?!:confused: At first i could see old stuff i've seen before but not new. Now i can't see any except i can Excelsiors pics of the contest to vote but that's it. I've tried deleting cookies and restarting? How do i know if i did it right or if this is the problem.

Thanks in advance for the help:O
what browser you using? My internet explorer used to block some pics so I switched to firefox
Did you recently change the security settings for your browser or firewall (if you're running one)?
internet explorer. and i can't change it's a work computer. they set the security but i can delete cookies. i think i did it right?
sounds like a firewall problem I think
Obviously you didn't change your option in your user CP options to display images....
i don't even know what that is so i don't think so?
Under options in your control panel.
Can't see your pic so tools>internet options>then what?

Ok...go under your Control Panel/User CP>click on Edit Options>near the bottom there will be Box for "Show Images".

If it's not checkmarked, do so and save changes. This should work now. If it is, than that's not the problem.
Damnit i'm so frustrated!!!!

I went to control panel. User CP is not an icon there. If i hit edit on the control panel screen it doesn't have options as an option:confused:
This should be what's on the left side of your screen window once you are in your User CP. (the place where you can see your subscribed threads) I have bolded the section that would apply.

Control Panel
Settings & Options
Edit Signature
Edit Email & Password
Edit Profile
Edit Options<-------------------------------
Edit Avatar

Private Messages
Sent Items
List Messages
Send New Message
Track Messages

Edit Folders
Subscribed Threads
List Subscriptions
Edit Folders


Event Reminders
Buddy / Ignore Lists
OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh that user cp i told you i was a techno dufus didn't it i. I was under the start menu control panel on the actual computer. It's checked already so that's not the problem. Any other ideas.
Wait i think i found a trend it's just photobucket picks as far as i can tell how do i fix that?
Trend? :confused:

You can't do anything about that, their site is having the problem. You should host your images in Imageshack next time.
no it's not my images it's everyone else's on photobucket i can't see??
Yeah I don't know why anyone goes with's so prehistoric...
...and gay... don't forget gay....
I think it's a trick to see if anyone posts porn, so she can ban them later...
yeah i can't see it either. OR imageshack stuff?!?!? damn it i don't know what's wrong:mad:
Can you copy the link to a seperate browser and see it?

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