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Cast A Live Action Simpsons Film


Mar 26, 2006
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No doubt this has been done before, and no doubt most people would never want to see it. but just for a bit of fun cast a live action Simpsons movie. Use pictures too if possiple.

I'll start-


Homer Simpson


Ned Flanders.
Macy is perfect! :wow:


Mohinder from ''Heroes'' as Apu.

Doug Joneas as Smithers.
Macy is definatley my choice lol. The likeness is so funny lol

Doug Jones as smithers wouldnt be too bad.
Based on their raspy voices.

Fran Drescher: Marge Simpson.



Lorraine Bracco: Marge Simpson


Rosie ODonnell & Rosanne Barr as Marge's 2 ugly sisters Selma & Patty:confused:.
I like Loraine Bracco as Marge Simpson
Homer himself has said that people think he looks like Dan Akroyd.
Homer himself has said that people think he looks like Dan Akroyd.

I never thought of that till you mentioned it. I know the voice Dan castella(sp?) does for Homer was based on Walter Mathau(sp?)
Homer Simpson - Michael Chickles.

Marge Simpson - Fran Drescher.

Grandpa Simpson - Leslie Nielsen.

Ned Flanders - Willian H. Macy.

Smithers - Doug Jones.

Apu - Mohinder Suresh.

Principal Skinner - Steve Carrel.

Moe -Andy Serkis.

Barney - Dan Akroyd.

Dr. Hibert - James Earl Jones.

Dr. Nicks - John Leguizamo.
Why are people saying Doug Jones for Smithers? Doug Jones for Burns, dammit!!
I always pictured John C. Reilly as Homer for some reason... but bald of course. (Well, except those few strands of hair.)

I also just saw a recent picture of Jeff Goldblum and he looked a lot like Moe, haha. Not necesarilly suggesting him, just an observation. I'll have to find the pic and post it.
^I like that casting for Homer.

Like said before, TDK, you hit the nail on the head with William H. Macy. :up::up:

Abagail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) as Lisa?

Dr. Nicks HAVE TO BE John Leguizamo!

Oh, and Spencer Braslin as Martin Prince.
I was gonna post John Leguizamo as Dr. Nick haha!

Also, I really like the idea of Jason Lee.

Some others I thought of:

Kent Brockman - Alec Baldwin
Professor Frink - Rick Moranis (how old is he now though?)
Lindsay Naegle - Kate Hudson

and though the hair would be tricky, I keep thinking Will Arnett as Sideshow Bob for some strange reason. I guess I can just picture Will Arnett doing the evil laugh heh.

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